Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nose to the Hagstone!

While searching the interwebs for nude photos of your mom, I stumbled upon the trailer for The Hagstone Demon over at All Things Horror. Co-written, directed, produced, edited, Jon Springer, The Hagstone Demon is a black and white micro-budgeted, Gothic style horror film, starring the one - the only...Mark Borchardt! If you are not aware of Mr. Borchardt, he is an independent horror filmmaker, but more notably, he is the subject of the 1999 documentary, American Movie - which is a film that actually made an appearance on my Top 5 Funniest Cult Movie Moments from not all that long ago.

The Hagstone Demon is the story of Douglas Elmore (Borchardt), an alcoholic (how fitting!) writer, haunted by visions of his dead wife and taunted by vengeful supernatural forces for past wrongdoings. Douglas is the caretaker of a condemned building that still houses a few stray residents, residents that start showing up dead. Douglas suspects a mysterious prostitute named Karna who lives in the basement, but Karna possesses a strange sexual allure that Douglas just cannot resist. Between Karna, haunted spirits, and dead bodies, Douglas becomes engulfed in a world of madness and chaos.

As I am a fan of all low-to-no-budget films of the horror variety, I am always down for checking out a film like The Hagstone Demon, but the inclusion of Borchardt is something that elevates this film for me. He is a flat out lunatic and I love every second of it! Mark "Fuck yeah...I gotta MasterCard" Borchardt aside, The Hagstone Demon does look pretty cool. In the trailer you see some some nice atmosphere with a little style to it, and black and white is always visually pleasing on the eyes, for me at least. In all honesty, it looks pretty damned good.

The Hagstone Demon is playing near my old stomping grounds at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as part of their Halloween Film/Program at 6:00PM on Friday, October 23 in the Remis Auditorium. In addition, it is more than worth mentioning that The Hagstone Demon and American Movie will be teamed up for a double feature of Borchardt proportions on Friday, October 30th & Saturday, October 31st, also at the MFA (I am so jealous). For more details about the film check the website here, and if you're in the area for the Boston screening, you can find details right here!

Check out the trailer know, since you just wasted all this time reading about it and all!


  1. Seriously, can you blame Douglas? Every man has a weakness for prostitutes in basements...... right?

  2. Especially if you catch them in the buff in the basement...that's enough to inspire a little more investigating on my end!


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