Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Horror Hangover

Well, the lack of Halloween Horror has really turned around for this edition of The Horror Hangover. This is actually the final edition before Halloween since it lands on a Saturday this year, so there is plenty of horror fun to be had while you wither away in pain and dehydration this fine and dandy Sunday afternoon.

Starting as early as you can possibly get up after the night of debauchery you partook the previous evening, 10:30 AM brings you Wolf (1994) on AMC. You know the film, werewolves, hot Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jack Nicholson pissing on James Spader's pants. What better place to piss, I ask you?

Also at 10:30 AM and fulfilling your childhood needs, Casper Meets Wendy (1999) is on ABC Family - and it's on again at 12:00 PM over at the Disney Channel! WOW! Two chances to watch a Casper movie! The only thing I can guarantee with this one is...there will be an epic tan courtesy of George Hamilton. Because he is in the film, that's why I can guarantee it. Also, instead of a trailer, I give you something so much know you love it.

12:00 PM brings out a copy of the Devils Diary (2007) courtesy of Lifetime! A Canadian made for television film about a cursed book that will grant any evil desire to whoever writes in it. Two high school girls find the book where one would use it for evil deeds, while the other would try to destroy it. Should be fantastic.

If your in the mood for even more teen trouble, at 12:00 PM MTV will be replaying My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (2009). This is my pick for some odd reason...I know this movie is gonna suck and I would honestly be disappointed if it didn't. Simply enough, it is a Slasher film set in the world of bratty little spoiled cunts on their birthday...excuse my English. I guess you could switch back and forth between Devils Diarrhea and SPS16 and together they could make for a good movie. Maybe.

12:00 PM isn't messing around this Sunday - An American Haunting (2006) will be showing thanks to our good buddy, SyFy. I never saw this film, but kinda wanted to until I heard how garbage it was. The film is based on the novel The Bell Witch: An American Haunting, by Brent Monahan and alternates between two separate haunting events in the 19th and 21st century...blah.

Last on the 12:00 PM chopping block, the History Channel is showing Exorcism: Driving Out the Devil (2006). A documentary on the history of the exorcism and how it is still practiced to this very day.

If a half an hour into any of those films at noon don't grab ya, 12:30 PM gives us Final Destination 2 (2003) on USA. My personal favorite of the Final Destination franchise, though as most of these films on the Hangover will have some cuts, I think that this one may suffer the worst of them all. USA is kinda weak with showing the goods on TV as opposed to some of the other channels. Still, it's a fun movie and should make for a good watch between puke breaks.

1:00 PM brings the more credible of the horror today with The Silence of the Lambs (1991) on A&E. You know the story, you know Hannibal Lecter, and you know all about tucking your dong in between your legs and dancing around like the pretty little princess that you truly are. This could be a pick for me, if I haven't seen it so many times already.

AMC is showing Alien 3 (1992) at 1:30 PM - I think Alien 3 is okay, hated it when I saw it in theaters, but it's tough to follow in the footsteps of the first two Alien films, to be fair. I would prefer to watch the "Directors Cut" that is not Fincher approved, but is apparently the cut he would have intended to be released. I never did see it, so if I watch Alien 3 again anytime soon, it will be in that capacity.

At 2:00 PM, SyFy is bringin' da pain with Stephen King's Rose Red (2002) - It's a miniseries, so it is going straight through and up until 8:00 at night! That's a lot of Hangover time! It's a Stephen King miniseries that is not directed by Mick Garris and I never saw it. That's all.

Rolling into a late afternoon Hangover, at 3:00 PM Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular (2003) will be on Cartoon Network. I had never heard about this Scary Godmother bologna before this post, but it's supposedly based off a very popular series of children's books and comics created by Jill Thompson. The animation style is a mixture of CGI for the characters, with a watercolor background, resulting in a very neat looking style all its own. Wud-eva.

3:00 PM brings us a more adult type of Halloween action with the History Channels Vampire Secrets (2006). I have probably seen this already, but would watch it again as it covers all aspects of Vampires - from Stoker's Dracula to the history of Elizabeth Báthory.

Getting close to shower time, FX brings us Snakes on a Plane (2006) at 3:30 PM. Snakes on a Plane is a bus load, or should I say, Plane load of fun...and here is a little known fact about me - I actually bought a Cobra Starship cd because I liked the song Snakes on a Plane - Bring It! "I can see the venom in your eyes!"

At 4:00 PM AMC has Alien Resurrection (1997) for your Alien fix - if Alien 3 wasn't enough. And I'm sure it was.

And lastly, at 4:00 PM, the Scary Godmother is back, with Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy (2005) again on the Cartoon Network. I already went over this one with you, so if you weren't paying attention...then shame on you, you little hussy!

I'm tapped kids...there is a lot to choose from and hopefully something tickles your pickle amongst the numerous choices for this weeks final Halloween inspired Horror Hangover. Until next Sunday, Baby Eaters!


  1. I keep meaning to catch up with Wolf again. I saw it twice in the theaters and really liked it, although it got a lukewarm reaction from critics and fans at the time. I saw Final Destination 2 on TV the other week and it really isn't worth the time - way too many cuts. And Snakes on a Plane is probably due for a reevaluation - it got smothered by hype when it came out but I remember it being a solid B movie.

    Other than those three, I'd probably skip on the rest of today's line-up. Silence is a classic, of course, but I just rewatched it a few weeks ago. Too bad no one's showing any classic monster movies - it seems like someone should have the Universal classics on before Halloween.

  2. Dude, watching my Super Psycho Sweet 16 right now. Not a bad start. We'll see how it pans out.

  3. You don't want to see My Super Psycho Sweet 16?! I like's not great, but a decent little Werewolf movie.

    I do wish there was some classic monster movie stuff on too - you would think Sunday afternoon would be perfect for the old school B&W horror movies.

    Turner Classic movies has been showing some cool older stuff...I watched The Tingler the other night and last night The Beast Must Die was on. That's really the only channel that I have seen older films on sadly.

  4. I'm kinda watching it too, POT. I hope there is at least some decent kills in it - if so, then I'll be happy.

  5. Dude, you totally forgot Beetlejuice! That's how I capped off my Sunday evening. Classic, timeless, and I remember every, single line and Elfman chord.

    I don't watch this one enough.

  6. I love Beetlejuice, but the latest I will usually go is like 4:00 or so. Maybe after Halloween, when there is less good stuff on in the afternoon, I will expand to the evening - just to have some content! "Nice fucking model!"

  7. Man you picked the wrong week for this feature lol.. My masicistic side wants to see MY SUPER SLASHER, but the logical side of me knows it will be a terrible POS. Let us know how it went if you got through it!

  8. Tell me about it...see that picture of that girl passed out at the top of the post? That's me after doing this Horror Hangover. Shit was so epic, I grew knockers, lost my top, and passed out from exhaustion!

    I had to work Sunday, so I had to catch bits and pieces of My Super Sweaty 16 Incher and what I saw was whatever. Better than Prom Night '08 and completely what I would have expected. There was a surprisingly fun beheading! I'm still gonna try and catch up with it at some point...I would love to review it!

  9. Great blog my friend! The picture above really captures me. I love horror films too..I actually made a blog about it. I'll invite you to visit it if you have time and it's entitled BugabooFlick

  10. Thanks for dropping by...that picture really captures me too. Mostly because I'm thankful that it's not my mother in it. This time.


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