Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chucktober Presents: The Final Horrifying Halloween TV Advertisements!

Unfortunately, all good (well, mediocre) things must come to an end, so here is the final batch of Halloween TV commercials for you to enjoy this fun and frightful week! I hope everyone got a kick out of these classic and not-so-classic advertisements, and hopefully they brought back some found memories of Halloweens past. I know I had a lot of fun putting them together and this last collection is a good one if I do say so myself!

And once again, McDonald's!: What's more dangerous - a mallet, a chainsaw, an axe, or high cholesterol?

Doritos: Frankenstein's monster is such a loser.

Coors Light with Elvira!: Hmmm...I'd like to have an "adult party" with Elvira, if you know what I mean.

Fruity Yummy Mummy: Count Chocula and Frankenberry look for a place to love one another when they meet, Fruity Yummy's a match made in the closet.

Nick or Treat: This is one of my favorite of all the commercials that I have found since starting this thing back in the beginning of Chucktober - This ad came out at a time whene I was starting to learn about make-up FX and how they were done...I wanted to win this thing sooooo bad! What kid wouldn't?

Adios, folks!


  1. I lurve Elvira! They had that same cut-out in the supermarket and I remember getting excited seeing it. I totally should've asked for it.

    No, that's not creepy...

    And that Nick Or Treat one reminds me that I missed one of my callings: creature creation.

  2. Elvira is great! I would love to have a cardboard cut-out too...then I could pretend to hang out with her and we could watch movies together...

    Oops...think I was going the creepy route too!

    I wanted to be a special FX artist so bad and it stems partially from that commercial...the only creatures I create now, are in the toilet after eating at the bomb Mexican place near my house!

  3. Great adverts, Matt - thanks for sharing. As much as I believe McDonalds to be a gaping axe-wound in the head of society - I quite liked that ad. Hope you have a diabolically good Halloween, Sir.

  4. A great round of spots to finish on, Matt! I can't believe Halloween's already here. And I might be wrong but I think the bearded FX guy applying the make-up in that Nickeloden commercial is Tom Burman, a largely unsung FX hero, who did the remake of Cat People, Happy Birthday to Me, and The Beast Within, among many others.

  5. James: Thanks! I agree about McDonald's, but it's funny that they showed up in almost everyone of these posts that I've done and that's largely due to the sheer volume of ads they have! Hope you have a great Halloween too, James!

    Jeff: Thank you kinda sir! I think you may be right about that being Tom Burman in the Nick ad...must be nice putting make up on Nastassja Kinski?!

  6. Word to that! By the way, I showed Owen that McDonald's ad and he had to run away!

  7. Ha ha! Poor guy...he needs to read more back issues of Gorezone! That is a pretty scary ad for McDonald's...a lot scarier than most of the kid friendly ads that they put out!


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