Friday, October 16, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Scary German Guy is Bitchin' Edition!

Hey there. I don't believe I've seen you around the club before, now have I? If I had, we would already be friends, cause that' I role. Since you haven't been to the hottest club in a three-mile radius of a Circle K, I should give you a tour, along with a history of Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! Christopher Columbus discovered the club in 1492, when he was looking to find a place to kick ass on the dance floor, and pull a couple of broads at the same time. In 1568, Malcolm X decided that the dopest club of all time needed to be brought to a whole new - and dope he invented drum and bass to get the beats a bumpin' and the peoples a jumpin'. In 1752, Joe Namath introduced Ecstasy and the worm to the scene. And finally, in 2009, dj Skele-tone and yours truly opened up a trunk of funk, and continue to bust rhymes and beats, just to loosen them feets. And what better way to keep those feets a movin' then to do so than with Michael Sembello's, Rock Until You Drop?! Hit it, Skele-tone!

We're gonna dance until our hearts stop!! YEAOOOOWA!

Great, Phoebe the phoeb is at the door wanting to get in the club...what does she know about monsters, and hip-hop dancing?

In 1987, Michael Sembello, Dick Rudolph, and Danny Sembello wrote Rock Until You Drop for the greatest kid's horror movie of all time, The Monster Squad. Performed by Michael Sembello, Rock Until You Drop, drops the rock to the point that you just cannot stop. And boy I know I just cannot stop, can you? No video for this one, but who really needs it when you get the best of the best in terms of movie montages! You got poorly cut business cards, Frankenstein in drag, and fat kid being...fat.

Enough of that, I just wanna see that photo of the hot "virgin" neighbor! Someone send her a free pass to the club, or better yet, a free pass to my suite! Then I can show her my Frankenstein’s monster! YAAOWAZAA!! Hopefully she doesn't kick me in the nards!


  1. The Rock Until You Drop section of Monster Squad is definitely one of the all time great '80s montages! I've heard that Fred Dekker hates it because it's the most dated part of the movie but that's what makes it so awesome!

  2. I agree., it's a fun scene and I would be hard pressed to say that the only thing that dates the movie is the song...maybe the pink bike tires might give away that Monster Squad is an 80's film?! If the film wasn't set in present day, then it would be less of a I blame that on Dekker!


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