Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chucktober Presents: Horrifying Halloween TV Advertisements 2: The Frightening!

Boy, is it getting chilly out - all the leaves are staring to turn color - I've been seeing more and more horror films playing on the boob tube - my neighbors have strange and frightening decorations on their lawn and on their front porches - and when I go to the grocery store, I cannot help but think I smell pumpkin pie and apple cider in the air. That can only mean one thing...IT'S CHUCKTOBER!! To carry on with the month long celebration of the greatest season and holiday, I have yet another batch of spooky TV commercials guaranteed to scare the witch's brew right out of ya! So lets get on with it already!

McDonald's: Ronald: What are you making? McNuggets: We're scaring up secret sauces! Aka making Meth.

Boo Berry: Is it just me, or does Boo Berry make your Pooh a Berry odd color?

Radio Shack 2001: Two left feet?! Maybe it's because he was left for dead!

Pizza Hut: Is this ad condoning cannibalism?

Okay, I have absolutely nothing snarky to say about this last advertisement, because it is one of my all time favorite Halloween themed commercials. Why? Because this commercial so reminds me of being young during the Halloween season - it reminds me of just chillin' in the cut, sitting in front of the living room TV, watching watered down horror movies on cable, and loving every single minute of it. I am pretty sure most people outside of the Massachusetts area do not know of this company as I think it was mainly a New England thing, but Carvel was wicked good, and these commercials always made me happy and got me excited for Halloween. I can almost guarantee that I have some old VHS tapes of Horror movies that I recorded off of TV, and this commercial would be present in a quite a few of them!

Carvel Ice Cream!: Looked the same coming out, as it did going in! Sorry, I tried.

That's all she wrote kiddies! See you next week...if the monsters don't get you first that is!


  1. I would also "chill in the cut" and watch Pizza Hut commercials! Love that one!! That slice of pizza kinda sounds like Stick Stickley! Remember him?
    Also,I'm familiar with Carvel. They exist in NYC too! But I have never seen that commercial. Neat!

  2. I wasn't sure how far out Carvel went...I would guess that the commercial is a local one though, thus the awesomeness of it!

    Was Stick Stickley on Nick maybe? It sounds familiar. I always thought the pizza head dude was pretty much Mr. Bill from the old SNL fact, it is so similar, I would gander that it's the same dude that did both.

  3. And after a quick search, pizza head dude was directed by Walter Williams, who also directed the Mr. Bill skits for SNL! *kisses the Internet*

  4. Thanks to the Beastie Boys, everyone knew about Cookie Puss back in '84...

    Take me home and eat me!

  5. Ahhh, that McDonald's one brings back Halloween memories that I had completely forgotten about! So cool. LOL @ the nugget dressed as a vampire

  6. Carvel...cha cha...iiiiiiice cream.
    It's huge out on Long Island too. A little less popular in NYC, but definitely still here. I don't know if the commercials were regional or not though. What I do know is that they should now serving pumpkin ice cream which is absolutely incredible.

  7. Good call Senski! I completely forgot about Cookie Puss...maybe I should scratch!

    Jennifer: I can't help but think Ronald is so creepy and frightening in this fact, every McDonald's commercial!

    Emily: Sadly, I do not think there are very many left in the Mass area, but I could be completely wrong about that. I haven't seen very many around in a long time. And what's this madness you speak of? Pumpkin ice cream?!

  8. Matthew! You need to try pumpkin ice cream! If your Carvel doesn't have it, seek out Edy's. They usually put it out in stores for the autumn season.

    And you're correct: Ronald McDonald is scary no matter what. As a child, I somehow ended up with a little RM doll on the floor in my bedroom. I kid you not when I say it stayed exactly in spot for three years because I wouldn't touch it. I swear that thing had teeth.

  9. Coldstone has pumpkin ice cream too. SO GOOD!
    And yes Matty, Stick Stickly was on Nick. I forgot about Mr. Bill, cuz I was too busy watch Nickelodeon apparently...

  10. Favorite for todays batch: Easily the Radio Shack commercial, I definitely remember seeing that one growing up! Another batch of winners homeslice

  11. Emily! That doll, was it made of fabric and all smooth? I think I may have had a Ronald doll like that. Ronald is such a pedophile.

    I unfortunately have no knowledge of any Carvel ice cream shops anywhere near the new Chuck Norris' Baby Eating Lair. But I will have to try some sort of pumpkin ice cream from somewhere!

    Maybe it will be at Coldstone creamery, Christine (what a segue!)!

    Mr Bill just shows that I'm old man river is all...Nick was pretty cool though. I have a great Nick Halloween themed commercial saved for the final batch, maybe one of my faves tied with the Carvel one!

    Carl, as always, I thank you for your wonderful patronage! And the "Shack" one is pretty awesome, I love all of the commercials that go all black and white old school monsters!

  12. I actually don't know what it looked like because I avoided eye contact for fear of it stealing my soul.

  13. Oh my God - Carvel!! That ad is the bomb! I'm pretty fond of the Pizza Hut ad as well but that Carvel spot is pure nostalgia - great pick!

  14. Thanks! I knew you would know that Carvel ad, Jeff! I love the witch's voice!


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