Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chucktober Presents: Horrifying Halloween TV Advertisements!

Only a little more than one week left until Halloween! Actually, I am already getting a little depressed by the fact that it's almost over....October flies by way too fast if you ask me! To help with the sadness of the forthcoming end of the Halloween season, I have another collection of Halloween advertisements to fulfill your nostalgic holiday needs!

Pillsbury Doughboy: Nothing says addiction quite like sugar cookies...they are the gateway to heroin.

Pepsi: The addiction continues into adulthood with "upper" echelon sugar snacks and cleavage.

Woolworth & Woolco: More shitty costumes...perfect for quick and painful deaths when near an open flame.

The Monsters of cereal!: Or, the monsters of drag?

McDonalds...again: Now at Mc Donalds - hamburgers made out of meal worms. How spooky!

One more week to go, and one more batch of Halloween ads are yet to come...see you on the flip side!


  1. That thumbnail of Wonder Woman actually kinda creeped me out a little. And I agree with what you said about this month flying by very quickly. I wish October was two months long... does that make any sense??? Maybe September could be October I and October could be October II. And Halloween could be a week-long celebration. That would rule!

  2. have you rubbed yourself raw yet?

  3. I had that Wonder Woman costume that my mom bought for me at Ben Franklin when I was 7. I wonder if you can find them on Ebay. I want to sniff the inside of the mask for old time's sake.

  4. Aaron: Your right about that Wonderwoman thumbnail being creepy...looks like something from Tourist Trap!

    I pretty much start celebrating Halloween when September rolls around, but I would prefer if it were more official. Your idea of making it October I and October II is fantastic, even more fantastic is a week long Halloween celebration!

    Pee Ohh Tea: Almost...give me about three more passes!

    Rebecca: Ha! The nostalgic musk of a highly flammable plastic Halloween mask could very easily bring back a flood of bad candy memories! I wonder how much snot build up could be collected from every one of those masks throughout the years!

  5. Wow I never remembered Frankenberry being that effeminate

  6. I thought the same thing...then again, he is pink.


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