Monday, April 4, 2011

Closed For Vacation


Due to a week long trip to Las Vegas for the Ozawa Cup International Karate Tournament, presented by Las Vegas Shotokan Karate, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby will be closed for the next week or so. It's awful, I know, but if you think about it, you can totally go back and read some old posts (and the grammar that come with them), or come to my house, power wash the entire outside, clean my grill and put up a new roof. That would be swell. When I get back, things will commence as usual, and the only things I have specifically planned are reviews for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane as well as all of the movies in the 6 Films to Keep you Awake Spanish film collection. Sweet, right?! RIGHT?!  

With that said, I will miss you all, and to help tide you over until my already much anticipated return, I leave you with this, something that will truly inspire you to do better for yourself when on the dance floor. Or, a wheat field. That is wheat, right? 


  1. A karate tournament- sweet! Last one I saw was in the original Karate Kid. :)

    Have fun, Matt!

  2. If you're you're payin', I'm cleanin'. That would be sweller.

  3. will be waiting until you return...
    lotion up, wonder boy.
    it's going to be a bumpy ride.

    i have decided to be the sheen of comments.

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  5. I hope you have a great vacation, try visiting Thailand. Thanks.


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