Monday, May 10, 2010

Chuck Norris Ate My Blog Contest!


I have decided it's about damn time that we have a contest over here at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, something I have been pondering doing for sometime now. Doing contests and shit like that isn't really my bag, but I wanted to do something that is fun and interactive as well as something that can give a few of my very awesome readers the chance to win some prizes! Oh, and I know you love prizes!

So, I thought it would be great to do a blogathon thingy, with the subject matter being that of the bearded one himself, Chuck Norris. What you have to do is, post anything pertaining to Chuck Norris, whether it be a review of anyone of his many films or even an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. You can even do a write up on the man's career in film, in the ring, in bed, it doesn't matter as long as it's Chuck related. It can be funny, it can be serious, heck, it can even be both if you so choose! Yowza! 

My only rules are that it has to be bearded and has to be posted with in the time frame, which will be May 24th through May 30th. Outside of that, there are no rules as far as content goes, and you don't even have to link to me or anything. That's not what it's about. Now, to be fair, if I have anyone that is a reader and not a blogger and wants to join in on the fun but has no place to post something, let me know in the comments section, or email me. I will have you send it to me so I can post it here. I don't want anyone to be left out. I believe in love for all.  

At the end of the contest, I will do a post with links to everyone that hopefully participates, and then, with help from a crack team of scientists and astrologers, the winners will be picked using formulas and measurements to determine which are the best posts. From there, three winners will be announced, with one for the grand prize and the two runner-up winners.

Now, here's what you can win!   

Grand prize:

A copy of Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper for XBOX 360!


A copy of both The Bloody Ape and Gothkill!


Issue number 9 of Paracinema Magazine!


A copy of the Gorehouse Greats Collection which includes 12 films!


A copy of the 2009 Western/Horror hybrid, The Burrowers!


And finally, what Chuck Norris contest would be complete without a copy of one of the blonde babe's finest action films, Code of Silence? Well, you'll get a copy of that too, so this contest IS complete!



Second and Third place prizes:

Both second and third place winners will receive a copy of the Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper game for XBOX 360 as well as a copy of the Gorehouse Greats Collection!

So, that is a total of three chances to win something! But I know you got your eye on that big prize, don't you?

As I said, this is all going down May 24th through May 30th, so there is plenty of time for you to figure out what you would like to do. All submissions/post links can be sent to chucknorrisatemybaby (at) gmail (dot) com and please don't send me naked pictures. Unless you're a hot old lady that likes bowling. I also made up a few banners that any one of you are free to use, but it is not required to enter or participate in the contest. 



Shoot me some feedback or questions if you have any, and hopefully this turns out as fun as I envision it and not it to a complete disaster! Now, get out there and start blogging!

Special thanks to Paracinema, The Adventure Company and Wild Eye Releasing for providing some of the fine prizes.


  1. I may have to put something together. Just cuz this is an awesome idea!

  2. Sheesh! Your prize pack puts Monty Hall to shame! Now I shall enter YOUR contest (and beef up the prize pack in my own...showoff).

  3. Christine: Thanks! I put a lot of thought into it and I would love if you did something! You and Emily will have to battle it out, while wearing leopard skin bikinis and dirty cheeks! Face cheeks.

    Emily: Yeah, my prizes are pretty hardcore! If I'm gonna do a contest, might as well go real won't happen very often. I hope you participate as I know you can always bring the straight funk. And for some reason, I almost know exactly what film you would do if you were to join in...

    By the way, did I win your contest yet?! I know I did, well keep it a secret till the big reveal in a month...I'll act all surprised!

  4. I'm totally down with giving the Norris some love. Prizes be damned the real prize is getting the opportunity to write about Chuck.

  5. That would be awesome, Bugg! He is a subject that is ripe for the blogging, so I hope to see some cool stuff in his honor.

  6. I've thus far only seen one Chuck film in its entirety, and it really does warrant its own novel, so I shall try to send some Norris love your way.

    Oh! and sure you won my contest, but the big giveaway was my used leopard fur bikini, so now that you've messed that all up, you may have been disqualified. I have to consult the rule book on that.

  7. Well this sounds cackletastic! :D

    If we send naked photos, it's only fair that one of the prizes be one of you or Mr. Norrris himself.

    Quid pro quo and all 'dat.

  8. Whoa, way to throw a bad-ass contest! Spreading more love for Chuck Norris is always a worthy cause!

  9. Wow, these are some really stellar prizes. I just posted a banner at the top of PoT.

    How did you make your little JPG's anyways? I suck at technology. I want to make one for the contest we're running.

  10. ... what can i do?... wait, i know!

  11. Emily: I need not win so much as I wanted to push you to watch my pick! Though, leopard skin bikini is quite the prize and would look great against my soft white skin!

    And I guess it's not a surprise that you've only seen one of his films, and it is not a surprise that it warrants a novel!

    Ashlee: Maybe the two of us intertwined like a ying yang?!

    Jeff: Thanks Jeff! It's subject matter that is more than fitting and I hope to see some Octagon love. *Ninja?*

    POT: Thanks brother! I made the banners in paint. I am not all that great with that kind of stuff, but paint is easy to use and they look okay enough for something like this. I'll shoot you an email with a quick lowdown!

    iZombie: Thee is a plethora of genres that he has been a part of, so there is some great stuff to work off of. Can't wait to find out what you choose!

  12. I may do a post about the often discussed, but rarely seen Grindhouse/porn/horror film Chuck did back in 72..."Doctor Leather's Demonic House on Horror Hill". I might have an old VHS copy of it lying about somewhere.

  13. That really is the Chuck Norrisiest idea I have ever heard, you KNOW i am all in freakstyle! Sweet ass prizes too, Im in it for the PC mag and THE BURROWERS!

  14. Pax: I've only seen screenshots of that film, and those were enough to cause a fright. There really should have been a versus film with Doctor Leather and Doctor Butcher M.D.!

    Carl: Yeah, I haven't even seen The Burrowers myself but have heard a lot of great things about it...and you can never go wrong with an issue of Paracinema!

  15. Sweet contest!! I am ashamed to say that like the other Emily I have only seen one Chuck Norris film in my life- that one being Return of the Dragon. I may have to enter this contest just so I can up my cool factor by watching Chuck Norris do his thing- hopefully I will absorb some of his coolness this way through osmosis!

  16. Count me in on this one - I have a particular review I've been meaning to finish and this is a pretty darned good impetus to do so!

    - TGWD

  17. Emily: Return of the Dragon is not a bad film to have seen as your only film with Chuck Norris in it. It's my personal favorite Bruce Lee film and their fight scene is fantastic. And I would love if you participated, if not to have you, but to hear your take on one of his films.

    Dope: If I can bring you some inspiration, then that would be more than rewarding. I can't wait to see what film you have on the back burner!

  18. It has to be bearded means the Chuckster has to be bearded, or our entry has to be bearded? I can do either one. Just askin'.

  19. Either one works fine...good old Chucky went no beard in Breaker Breaker, and that is one of my favorite films he has done. You, however, should try and channel the inner beard, as it will make you feel strong and look great in an open shirt!

  20. Oh boy do I have something good planned. It's already scheduled to post for May 24th. hehe!

  21. Awesome, I cannot wait to see what magic you produce in honor of the "Hairy" Houdini of Martial Arts cinema!

  22. Holy heck, I be entering this one. To be fair, I've been running my site for over a year now, and not shown the Norris some love. It needed rectifying anyway...

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