Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pamela's Triple Doll Dare

Regardless of the fact that I'm still suffering greatly from the injury I received after stepping on a nail while in a wicked dance battle against Jeff Pickleberry in the Boys & Girls Club gymnasium this passed Thursday evening, I have been able to find the strength to crank out a few pieces of awesome for you all to check out. It's field trip time, folks, so grab yer bags and get on the bus…no, the shorter one…that's right, and we can go on our merry way!


First stop is the one place where you actually fit in: the Strange Kids Club, where I, as in me, as in myself, as in this fucking guy, has posted a little slice of magic for you all to enjoy. I dug up quite the interesting commercial for an '80s toy that went by the name, Pamela the Living Doll. Now, what's interesting about a TV ad for a children's doll, you ask? Well, you'll have to head over there to watch the clip and read my thoughts to find out, now won't you! Damn straight you will. 


tripledogAfter our super adventure at Club Strange, we have a special reservation at Paracinema all lined up for you. On the menu this evening is a review for the 2010 Canadian teen girl drama, Triple Dog. Me, reviewing a teen girl drama where the dialogue is almost as memorable as the radical skateboarding scenes? What more could you ask for?! Well, ice cream and a wad of hundreds, I suppose, but that's not the point. Jump on your board, put foot to ground and head over to Paracinema to check out my review, and we'll be besties for life!YAY!    


Whew! With Pamela the Living Doll and a review of Triple Dog, you have yourself a full day of fun! Well, more like 15-minutes of fun. Actually, it might not even be all that fun in the first place, so just look at it as 15-minutes wasted. Sorry.

P.S. Looking at the content for what I have posted at these other fine sites, I must ask: am I a girl?


  1. I'm wondering if the reason I knew nothing about that doll was because my parents, in a rare act of overparenting, kept careful watch over commercials to ensure I never viewed these 30 seconds of terror?

  2. Just went to The Club. As many cartoons and commercials I watched as a kid, this one is drawing a blank. Not surprised since the marketing is awful! That was a bit creepy. Who thought that was going to help clean Pamela dolls off the shelf?

  3. Emily: Yeah, it's funny how it's not the creepy rapist aliens that are scary, it's the doll! Also, might I add that I think you should watch Triple Dog asap. I think you would love it!

    Geof: I had no recollection of the doll or the commercials either, Geof. I'm sure it wasn't around for long because, quite frankly, at that age we were watching cartoons all of the time.


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