Thursday, April 28, 2011

Totally Tubular Trailers

It seems as if I just did one of these thingamajigs a post or two back, and, well, that's because I did. The more often there's a fresh new edition of Totally Tubular Trailers only means that there are more and more sick looking movies are on their way. And when I say sick, I mean sic. Like, the way my friend spells it on facebook when describing something awesome. It's pretty funny, especially when he writes "fucking sic, bro!"

What I'm getting at here is, it certainly seems as if the glut that was the first quarter of 2011 is nearing an end, and now all sorts of great looking movies are making their way into our lives, our hearts and hopefully our beds. Well, just so long as they don't have gonorrhea. That shit is fucking sic, bro.

the prodigies

The Prodigies is a superhero/apocalypse film that focuses on five "special" teens that come together to lash out against the world after they are violently attacked in Central Park. Humanities only hope against the five prodigies is a sixth prodigy named Jimbo (Jimbo?!) Farrar, who must use all of his might top keep the five prodigies from exacting their vengeance-fueled apocalypse. 

The Prodigies is a French language animated film directed by Antoine Charreyron, whose previous works consist of directing a number of video games. Unfortunately, this trailer is not available in English as of yet, but this film looks absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. The animation style is simple and slightly underwhelming at first, but as the preview moves forward, your jaw will be sure to drop more than once. Also, including a MUSE song in a trailer, specifically the track chosen, is always a great way to grab my pickle for a tickle. 





Behind the walls

Jointly written and directed by Julien Lacombe and Pascal Sid, Behind the Walls (Derriere Les Murs) follows a young novelist who moves to a peaceful countryside so she can concentrate on writing her latest book. It isn't long before the novelist succumbs to terrifying hallucinations and nightmares, all the while, numerous young girls are disappearing from the area, which sends the locals into quite the tizzy. 

Like The Prodigies, Behind the Walls is also a French made film and, despite their lack of freedom and women's deodorant, the genre cinema that they have been producing has been some of the best outside of South Korea, and it doesn't seem like things will be slowing down anytime soon, especially after seeing this teaser.

It's a quick clip, but in less than a minute, you can see that Behind the Walls looks to be gorgeous, tense and chances are if the film is anything like this teaser, spines will be sent right into tingle mode. However, that could also be do to poor posture. 




Legend of the Fist

Next up is Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. The story is what you would come to expect from an action film where a guy wears a mask and fights crime. There's some form of corruption that needs to be dealt with, the titular character will be pressured by the double life that he lives and, most importantly, there will be some sic fucking action.

Legend of the Fist stars Donnie Yen, who is reprising his role of Chen Zhen from the 1995 TV series, Fist of Fury, which was actually influenced by the character Bruce Lee played in Fists of Fury. Sweet, right? Helmed by Lau Wai-keung, Legend also stars Anthony Wong and the always beautiful, but oddly fish like, Shu Qi, and is expected to see a US DVD release on June 16th.

The 20-second mark begins what should put a few skid marks right in yer undies.




Directed by non-porn star, Dick Maas, our last trailer for the day comes to us in the form of the Dutch horror flick, Saint (Sint). The movie exposes the beloved Saint Nicholas for what he really is: a bloodthirsty bishop who, whenever there's a full moon on the 5th December, murders as many children as he possibly can.

Saint basically looks like your standard Slasher film, but instead of a Santa killer, which has been seen more than once before, you have jolly ol' Saint Nick doing all of the hacking and slashing. It's an extremely fun premise, and I love every little thing about the look of Saint based off this excitingly awesome trailer. Luckily, IFC has recently picked up the rights to the film, so hopefully it will make its way to our shores by the holidays, which clearly would be the perfect time to watch such a movie.

That's it for now, boils and ghouls. Hopefully you all have enjoyed what you've seen here, and please, be sure to share your thoughts on any one of these trailers.  


  1. Quite possibly the most awesome collection of trailers ever. I haven't heard of any of these either.
    Thanks for being a plethora of info!

  2. Thanks, Christine! This is quite the collection for sure, and the best part is none of these films are remotely similar. Glad you enjoyed!

  3. I just heard about Sint a couple of months back in Rue Morgue Magazine. It sounded really awesome and creative then. And I believe it's made by the person who did the independent horror film The Lift, which I've always really wanted to see.

  4. Great trailers. Sometimes I rather watch the trailers than the movies. Sort of a quick fix of movie love.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review

  5. Mr. Xploit: I remember that's U.S. title is The Elevator if I remember correctly. I've never seen it myself either, but wouldn't mind checking it out. I wonder if it's readily available?

    Lazarus: Yeah, the thing about trailers is they can look really awesome despite the quality of the film itself.

  6. Fantastic movie for babies.the blog is quite amazing and wonderful and will really help, an originality found in this blog which tells that how mechure is that.

  7. I can't disagree with that at all, D.C.!

  8. I'm trying to figure out if Sint is the same evil Santa movie I saw a trailer for like, a year ago. There were things in this trailer that looked familiar, but I remember in the trailer I saw before they found him frozen in a block of ice and thawed him out.

    And there was a shot where he was staring into a window and was all fucked up and creepy looking.

    Hmm. I will investigate further.

  9. You're thinking of Rare Exports, which I have but haven't had a chance to watch yet. It was on quite a few best of 2010 lists and has gotten great reviews from what I've read. It's kind of strange to have two foreign films with semi-similar Christmas themes in them, but if they are both good then I won't complain.

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