Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Straight Pimpin': Paracinema's Top 10 Rites of Shirt

Now that Death-cember is over and done with and we are well into the new year, things will be slowing down here quite a bit because, quite frankly, I have a bunch of things going on that will keep me pretty occupied for the foreseeable future. I plan on doing some reviews and such for other sites as well as focusing on writing more articles for Paracinema Magazine, so as a result, CNAMB gets to feel the cold hand of neglect. I do have a few things on the horizon, though, namely a video where I'll being sharing all the awesome movie related Christmas gifts I received. And of course, with it being a new year, the time is winding down on doing my best of the year list. However, I still need some time to catch up on all the goodies I missed in 2012, so that likely won't be happening until sometime late in February.

Anyway, now that we're done catching up with one another, I have a bunch of fun stuff I want to share with yer purdy little face, so let's get right into it!

Over the holidays a few fine people sent me a few fine t-shirts. The first one I have to show you was made just for me by the good people over at T Shirt Printing.org. As you can see, it features my drunk Doc Loomis banner from this past Chucktober on a nice brown shirt, making it about as close to Caldor as it gets. And if you know me well enough, then you should know that Caldor is my favorite color (my blog template should be proof of that). 


The other shirt I found squatting in my mailbox is this rad Van Halen spoof tee 'Van Helsing', which was sent to me by the good peeps over at T Shirt Bordello. They've sent me a few cool shirts in the past and have a ton of radi-cool stuff for sale on their site, so head over there, check out what they've got and let them know that I sent you! Actually, come to think of it, I clogged their toilet last time I was over their house for dinner, so my name might be a bit of a sore subject. 

Van Helsing

Over at Horror-Movies.ca, I wrote up a review for the indie horror flick, Rites of Spring. If you'd like to know if this one is worth your precious time away from making me cakes and knitting me Caldor color blankets, then head over and check out my review!

Rites of Spring Review

Rites of Spring 2011 Horror Movie Review

Also over at Horror-Movies.ca, I did up a list of my top 10 favorite horror movies of the year, so if you're curious as to what movies gave my willy goose bumps in 2012, head over there to see what made the cut!

Top 10 Horror Movies of 2012

And finally, the ever incredible, and totally delectable, Paracinema Magazine has gone live and direct with their newest issue, which you can pick up right now for a measly $7!! As always, this mofo is filled to the brim with articles written by people who love cinema for people who, well, love cinema. It's as simple as that!

What the 'ell is you waitin' fer?!

Paracinema Issue 18!

paracinema 18

What, you want more?! Well, that's all I have, so, like, if you're bored, you can come over later on and we can braid each other's hair and paint our nails. Or do some coke. Whatever.

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