Monday, April 18, 2011

Totally Tubular Trailers

This is a hefty collection of trailers I have for you all this time around, many of which are films that are blipping my radar with the wickedness. Let's not waste too much time with small talk here and get right into the shit.


Directed by Sarawut Intaraprom, our first trailer of the day is for the Taiwanese lensed  ghost story, aptly titled, Ghost: The Cinderella (aka KUVW). The film is about the unexpected death of a film star after numerous arguments with various crew members on the set of his latest film. Being stubborn, the actor comes back from his grave to continue arguing, and probably to kill a few people, too. Simple ghost story premise which is something that can be found in way too many Asian films, but what stands out about this one is the clear influence from American Torture cinema.   

The trailer is decent enough - with bonus points going to that red bikini - and while Ghost does at first appear to be no more than a basic ghost story, things take a turn for the torturous about halfway through. As much as the torture genre has been played out in the states, I think it could be very interesting to see another country take a crack at it. One things for sure, it certainly doesn't look like this film will be pulling any sort of punches.

No English, but it's not at all necessary.  




Next up is the trailer for the Uruguayan haunted house film, The Silent House (La Casa Muda), a "based on true events" tale of a father and daughter hired to renovate a broken down cottage but find themselves plagued by strange noises and frightening apparitions.

Director Gustavo HernĂ¡ndez promises 'real fear in real time', and this is achieved by filming The Silent House in one continuous shot. Is it a gimmick to get people to watch the film? That doesn't matter so much as how the end product turns out, and early word on this one has been mostly positive. This trailer simply kicks ass, and The Silent House is definitely on my most anticipated list.  




Our next clip comes in the form of a teaser trailer for Snowblade, a Martial Arts film that follows a female assassin who is forced to slay seven very unique individuals between the hours of moonrise and moonset.

Despite the fact that this film evokes instant comparisons to Sex and Fury and Lady Snowblood (which is a good thing, mind you), what really stands out about Snowblade is it's the directorial debut of Bey Logan, whose presence in, and knowledge of, East Asian and Martial Arts cinema is quite incredible, and more than enough to put Snowblade right on any Martial Arts fan's radar. The teaser flies by in a jiffy, but what is shown is more than enough to catch my attention. You'll figure out why real quick!




With Edgar Wright on as executive producer and Nick Frost in one of the lead roles, Attack the Block already has some promise. Add in the fact that word on the street has been unanimously positive for this Joe Cornish directed, inner city kids versus space aliens film, and you certainly have a true contender. The buzz has been enormous for this one, and most of you may have already seen this trailer already, but for anyone that hasn't had the chance, well, here it is.

The trailer speaks for itself, so take a looksee and I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this one.




Our final trailer for the day is for the independently made sci-fi film, Sweetheart, about a housewife whose husband and son take a trip into town but they never return. Left alone in their secluded farmhouse, she decides to go looking for them, only to discover the world is not what it used to be.

Directed by Michael Matthews, this 30-minute short-film is, according to those involved with the picture, inspired by the the Coen Brothers’ film, The Man Who Wasn’t There, as well as being a tribute to the noir films of the '50s and '60s. There is also a strong familiarity here with this film and the recent Sci-Fi films like Monsters and District 9, which are both movies that achieved a level of respectable cinematic effect with very little money.

Check out this fantastic trailer to see just what can be done with a little money and the desire to make something incredible.  

That's it for me, kiddies…I'm straight pooped and need to warm up for my weekly kickboxing class, which is followed by a few hours of tanning.

Until next time!


  1. Some really promising trailers.

    I can't for The Silent House, I'm really interested to see how the film works with it's so-called 'one continous shot.' Plus, it actually looks genuinely creepy.

    I've already heard plenty of things about Attack the Block, though for some reason I'm really not as excited about it as I expected to be.

    Last but not least, there's Sweetheart. Man, that trailer... what I wouldn't give to have the chance to watch that movie right now. Love the setpieces, love the black and white style and I most certainly love its intriguing premise. Hopefully it'll turn out to be great.

    On a side note, may I ask what film your title image is from. I'm pretty sure that's Lee Byung-hun there and I'm guessing it's from A Bittersweet Life, though that's just a guess since I didn't get to check out that movie yet.

  2. The Silent House does look very promising, and I like that it's not a found footage type of film, either. It's just that style used for the sake of style.

    As for Sweetheart, my only issue is that it's not full length, though, maybe this short is a jump-off point for something bigger, I hope.

    And you are correct on both fronts; that is Lee Byung-hun in A Bittersweet Life, my favorite Kim Ji-woon film and one of my favorite South Korean films.

    If you're into his films, then I can only highly recommend checking it out. It's a nicely complex character study with some awesome action scenes and a fantastic style!

  3. Can't wait to see The Silent House!! It looks great. Also really looking forward to Attack the Block as I'm a big fan of Joe Cornish. Thanks for the heads up about Sweetheart too Matt, I hadn't heard of this intriguing film until I swung by here. :oD

  4. Thanks James! All three of those films are right up my alley, especially The Silent House. I simply love verite horror, especially within a ghost story, and this one looks to be taking a slightly original approach. I hope it plays out well!

    Thanks for dropping by, James!


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