Friday, October 23, 2009

The Electric (Cut) Slide!

Hey boys and girls! Sorry, but no dance party this weekend - dj Skele-tone flipped his Escalade when he went to pick up scratch tickets and mountain dew sometime after last weeks dance party and we have no back up DJ's to fill his bony shoes. It's better that he get as much rest as possible anyways, especially with next weekends huge Halloween blowout we got planned...we can't risk further injury to Skele-tone by tempting him to get wasted and trying to do the windmill again. So instead, I leave you with this fun filled clip that I had stumbled upon a while back...hopefully its entertainment value will hold you over till next Friday.


  1. Are you a man after my own heart? No Escape + Cube in the first 30 seconds???

    I enjoy the Resident Evil kills but always felt like it was a tad too borrowed from Cube. Plus Ebert made a great observation about why and how the chamber had a sense of humor to only pull out the cube-action after the lead SWAT guy successfully evading the other lasers.

    Love to see some Lance julien, especially from the only post Hellbound sequel I've seen! What was the last boat massacre from?

  2. HA! "Lance julien!" I have actually seen that Hellraiser also, and I even kinda liked it for some reason. Maybe it was Lance!

    No Escape need more love than it gets and Cube is flat out awesome. I remember the first time I bought it on VHS, I watched it so many times and made everyone that came to my apartment watch it too!

    As far as the fun and games of R.E., I would say that the Red Queen thingy liked to play childish games, therefor the mean spirited trick on the SWAT team dude. But the one from Cube is much better either way

    And that awesome boat scene is from Ghost Ship. I really don't remember the movie outside of that scene, but I do remember that the film sucked outside of that scene. Still, it is a sick opening to a movie!

  3. How i love Cube: to this day a filmt hat is mostly ignored in its home, up here in Canada. Apparentlyit is some kind of cult phenomanon in France of all places.
    Only thing this comp was missing was some Samurai

  4. Samurai films could have a comp all by themselves!

    You're right, you really never hear anything about Cube being a Canadian production, which is surprising. It's a quality horror film and is good, if not better than a majority of the other well known Canadian horror movies.

  5. Cube was a similar solo discovery by me, one of those blind rentals that rocked my teenaged world to the extreme! I don't even hate the sequels, although they're not good at all but try in an earnestly misguided manner to build on the mythology. I think of them as film fan fiction because the original is such a wonderful, unique, and disturbing gem of an indie Canuck film.

    I did dig that Hellraiser sequel, whatever it was called (Hellparty? Hellrave? Helluva Lance?). It has a nice twist ending that I didn't see coming, then tosses in the Henrickson death for no reason but to please viewers who may have not been happy by the turn of evens.

    And No Escape, I will always love you. Kisses, hugs, humps, you name it. I'll give it. And not just cause it also happens to star Helluva Henrickson.

  6. He he...Helluva Henrickson! You and Christine need to do a god damned podcast together! I think it is called either Deader or Hellworld, which is much better than Rave to the Grave!

    I never saw the third Cube film, but I heard it was okay. Its gotta be tough to come up with fresh spins on such a simple, but great concept.

  7. The first Cube was bad-ass! I think the director is doing the movie Slice with Guillermo del Toro producing - looks great from what pics they've put out so far.

  8. The third Cube film is fun in a ridiculous way. It tries to go "behind the scenes" of the Cube which is interesting enough, although I don't like it enough to want to believe that it was the true history.

  9. That's what made the first film so good was wanting to know what was beyond the door...but do you really want to know? Some things are better left as a mystery.


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