Monday, October 5, 2009

Another "Hidden" Treasure for After Dark Perhaps?

After Dark recently announced its aquisition of Hidden (Skjult), a Norwegian psychological shocker that marks the fourth title for next years After Dark's Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For.Co-written (with Brio Flint), and directed by Pål Øie, who's previous film, 2003's Dark Woods (aka Villmark) was pretty well recieved all around. I haven't seen it myself, but after checking out the trailer, I will be keeping my eye open for it for sure.

Staring Kristoffer Joner, Cecilie Mosli,Anders Danielsen Lie, Bjarte Hjelmeland and Karin Park, Hidden follows the story of Kai Koss (The daddy Mac will make ya Jump-Jump!), a man who returns to his home town after a 19 year hiatus when his abussive mother passes away. Left in charge of the family home and the dark secrets that come with it - Kai becomes entangled in a series of murderous happenings and soon learns he cannot run away from his dark past, a dark past that he has tried to run away from for almost two decades.

With The Graves, Lake Mungo, and Clive Barkers Dread, After Dark has been hitting it outta the park in terms of the potential that the films they are aquiring for the 4th annual 8 Films to Die For film festival have. Will any of them deliver, chances are yes, at least a few of them, but this slate is the most promising by far, and Hidden only adds to that potential of a great series of horror films. And this is still only the fourth film that is announced...I can only hope that After Dark can come up with four more that have me as interested as the films already announced. Based off this great trailer, Hidden looks creepy and atmospheric with some beutifull looking imagery that should make for a scary psychological thriller.

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