Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Got a Little Captain in You?

Well, that post title is kinda creepy sounding if you think about it, so don't. Captain Lou Albano died this morning at age 76 and my buddy posted this photo over on his Face book page, so I thought it would be cool to share it with the baby eaters of the world. It was taken at the NJ Chiller Theater Expo in January of 2006. Apparently, I was going through my thumbs up in photos glad I got over that! I was a pretty big fan of WWF wrestling when Captain Lou was doing his thing, plus, being in my early 30's, I love The Goonies and he was most famous for being in the "Good Enough" video too. So, it was cool seeing this photo again after not seeing it since it was probably taken, but a bummer that it resurfaced for a not so great reason. RIP Captain Lou.


  1. Captain Lou will be missed. I think I'll have to go see if I can dust off my ancient copy of NRBQ and CAptain Lou and give it a spin in memorial.

  2. i posted some stuff too - c few youtube clips

    i might be lame for liking wrestling the way i do, but that's ok. this bummed me out today like john hughes bummed me out earlier this year.

    another piece of your childhood that is obviously now gone for good

  3. I met Lou in NYC back in the 80's he bought me a beer at the Holiday Inn in midtown, and was a great conversationalist from what I can recall.

  4. Love the pic and I go like this :(
    But your thumbs up in pictures phase thing was hilarious

  5. It is pretty sad, when this pic was taken he was obviously very old, which was kind of depressing I remember. He was immensely nice however, and we all sat and had a drink together, in fact, he wanted us to all stay longer, but we had convention shopping to do.

  6. 1. Your buddy is reaching out to touch him, as if to be consummed by his awesomeness. And that is great.

    2. I have the same Kill 'Em All shirt. \m/

  7. Hehe...ever since that picture, my friend has become obsessed with rubber bands and Cindy Lauper!

    And nothing says metal more than a moron with his thumb up in a photo!


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