Saturday, October 31, 2009

Freddy's Halloween Dance Party! Round 2!

Hey there spooky specters and happy haunters, nice to see you're still hanging tough, NKOTB style and ready for some more DANCING!!! Skele-tones dealer just showed up a little while ago, so he's rearin' to go for at least another couple of hours and I hope you are too, because it is officially...Halloween! YIOPPIEOPE!

Oh no! I hear the sounds of something frightening, I hear the sounds of bumping and rattling chains - It must be the sounds of...

...Grim Grinning Ghosts!

Eek! Them ghosts sure are scury! I may need to seek "protection" from that chick in the cat costume. I just don't feel safe otherwise! Skele-tone, we gotta scare these ghosts away quick, spin something to fight off these evil forces!

The Misfits Halloween

Well, that certainly worked! Skele-tone has really outdone himself for Halloween, hasn't he?! Stay tuned kiddies, Halloween is going on all day long, so we'll be back for one last dance before the night closes in!

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