Friday, October 2, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: It's All Black and Slimy Edition!

I see you have decided to let your inhibitions go and join us for yet another decadent dance you already know, we have the hottest club, with the hottest babes, and their looking to get it on tonight! How can they resist? After all, this is Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! Everybody say YEE-AHHH! Tonight, the magician of mad mixin', dj Skele-tone is on a major high, and it’s not just the Quaaludes either - turns out the DUI charges have been dropped due to a technicality, so he is ready to party! And what better way to do so, than with the .45 Grave's classic doo-wop song, Partytime! What else needs to be said? It's right there in the title!

Thanks to some TRASHy elements, I would say this video is NSFW, but we aren’t at work now are we? So for tonight, the meaning of NSFW is changed to Nude Sexy Female - Wowza! Thanks Linnea! Okay, you guys ready to party?! YEOWWWA! Sounds good, just don't anyone party too hard, if too many people O.D., the hospital will have to Send...more...paramedics!

Written by Don Bolles and .45 Grave vocalist, Dinah Cancer, Partytime originally appeared on their 1984 debut album, Sleep in Safety. In 1985, a slightly different "Zombie Version" of Partytime was used for the classic zombie film, Return of the Living Dead! ROTLD has always been noted for its great punk soundtrack, but Partytime is certainly the most memorable by fans of the film as it plays during the films awesome opening credit sequence with the zombies rising from their graves! .45 Grave did make a video for the song, but it was before and without any ROTLD influence, so I thought a fan video may be a bit more appropriate as it's no fun if the movie that the music comes from isn't represented in the video.

Enough of that crap, I got a sick new mirror in my suite just waiting to be covered in "Baby Powder," so we need to get this party back on track! Hey! Who is that chick with the crazy hair getting all-naked? Hell yeeh! If I get a bj from her, would that make me a dead head?!


  1. Black and slimy is how I like 'em. Move out the way yo, its my favorite time of the week. Holla!

  2. Oh snap! You guys look DEAD tired...have some blow, it'll put some life back in ya!

  3. Chances of going necro after seeing Linnea in RotLD? 89%

  4. I could go 96% myself! It would be so worth her eating you for just a boobie grab!

  5. .45 Grave is one of my fave bands. I even have a t-shirt of theirs somewhere in my closet. Anyway, the zombie version of Partytime later showed up in the sex comedy Hardbodies, for some reason. I think it was in another movie too, but I'm blanking on the title. Also, their was a single version which was quite different from the other two.

  6. Yeah, I remember reading or hearing about there being a few different versions of the song. I have only heard the album and Zombie version from what I know. And Hardbodies sounds so familiar, but I keep thinking of Spring Break for some reason.


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