Friday, October 30, 2009

Top 13 Favorite Horror Sequels!

Hey! You look a little bored, so I got something fun for you to do - remember a few days ago when I mentioned the big Halloween Top 13: The Sequel thing that is going on at The Lightning Bug's Lair? Well, if you don't, our good friend, T.L. Bugg has been counting down a list of his favorite horror film sequels of all time in honor of Halloween! Each sequel he has picked has been paired up with a submission from readers and fellow bloggers lists of their fav sequels and I was lucky enough to be involved, so if you head over there right this second, you can read my list! What made the cut? You'll have to find out for yourself! I do want to thank Mr. Bugg for allowing me to take part with this project and for featuring my list so high up in the countdown...I am truly honored! So head over there and check it out by clicking!


  1. Incedible list, as expected! I'm not sure what I'd include on my own list - although I'm guessing my picks would cross over with most of yours. I think the only sequel you didn't get to that would be very high on my list is the great granddaddy of all horror sequels, The Bride of Frankenstein.

  2. Thanks, Jeff! Yeah, I often forget about Bride, which is unfortunate because I probably forget about it due to its age...but I do love it. I did forget about a few others, most notably would have to be Return of the Living Dead, which probably would have cracked the top 5...oh well.

  3. Yeah, I don't know if Return of the Living Dead really qualifies as a sequel because it's not an official follow-up to Romero's Dead movies. Either way, a classic.

  4. A most excellent series I have been trailing as well, but lets be honest.. No one was going to dispute ALIENS, and if they did, they better be wearing a shun-proof vest

  5. Yeah, there's like the top 5 horror sequels and those are the top five. Period. Aliens is on that list no doubt!



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