Friday, October 9, 2009

Mad Monster Throw Down!

Earlier in the week I was asked to participate in a blogger opinion article for GeekBlips, and the question posed was one of epic proportions - Which are more dangerous to the human race, Zombies or Vampires? Being I am a fan of both Zombies and non-Twilight Vampires, I was more than happy to participate in such a task. There were a handful of other bloggers that joined in on the fun and the end result is some great answers that make for anentertaining read that goes perfectly with the ongoing Chucktober celebration. It's funny, I was asked to try to keep my answer under 200 words, and I really did try, but I'm so full of hot air, I ended up a little over the required word count. About 400 words over to be exact! Way to impress the people over at GeekBlips by not following directions!

If you do not know what GeekBlips is, well, it is a collection of all the hottest Geek related news stories via websites and blogs. If you like a particular story, you can Vote It Up! and give it a little boost in the rankings. The more people that vote for a story, the longer it stays on the front page and the more chances that others may see and read that post. Also, links from other blogs and sites help with a stories placement along with the actual blogs/sites positioning on the overall blog rankings list. Other than GeekBlips, there are plenty of other "Blips" to be found and enjoyed, such as MovieBlips, TVBlips, and of course my fave, HorrorBlips (just to name a few). HorrorBlips is one that I check out the most, and I should note that I have a pretty nice consistent ranking with in the top 10-15 on there for this fine blog that you are enjoying right this very second!

If you want to read my answer to the age-old question of who is more dangerous to humanity, Zombies or Vampires, I would be very upset with you if you didn't head over to GeekBlips to read my definitive answer! While you are there, check out all the shit you can find and if you find it in your heart, I would love if you took the time to vote for my posts over at HorrorBlips and GeekBlips (which I just joined) along with any others that may tickled your pickle! If you have a blog and aren't on board, then I would suggest giving it a try too. It's good for traffic and gets more eyes on what you write, which is kinda the point, right?

Here is a direct link to the article on GeekBlips, and if you wanna go the horror route, you can find it through HorrorBlips too! Hope you enjoy my answer, and I would love to hear your opinion on the subject...especially if it's an opposing one - cause there aren't many!


  1. Congratulations on the guest writer spot! Great article and I agree with you - zombies all the way!

  2. Thanks alot, Jennifer! Every person that participated picked Zombies, but there really is no contest at all!


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