Friday, October 30, 2009

Freddy's Halloween Dance Party!

'Tis the season to be scary...and there is nothing scarier than a DUI (well, except for that burning sensation when I pee), so why not spend your night here, at the hottest club in all the land, Freddy's Halloween Dance Party! YAEAZA!! Halloween weekend is upon us and the barbarian of bones himself, dj Skele-tone has dusted off his collection of great Halloween music for us all to enjoy throughout the next two nights! That's right, it's a two day dance party filled with haunts and happenings and all coated in candy flavored ecstacy! So, what are we waiting for...lets drop that beat, Slele-tone!

This is Halloween!

Whew! That was good clean fun, now wasn't it? But this party isn't gonna stay family friendly much longer. In fact, I would like to create a family with at least a few of our female attendees by the end of the night, so lets grime it up a little shall we?!

Hit it, Skele-tone!

Dead Kennedy's Halloween

YAHHHOWSA!! That was dope, son! I need to take it easy for a moment, take a chill pill if you will. Or any sort of pill for that matter, but this party isn't over yet...expect a few more tight tracks from our bony buddy Skele-tone over the next 48 hours!


  1. Nice picks - although that Nightmare clip reminds me that none of the local theaters here got Nightmare in 3-D this year. Too bad - maybe Disney isn't doing it as an annual thing anymore. Anyhow, I hope your first Halloween in your new digs is a good one!

  2. I saw it in 3-D last year I think and it was pretty cool - it was just nice to see the movie on the big screen too. It is playing out here at the local theater (which is quite surprising!), so they are still playing it at a few places at least, but I'm surprised it isn't playing out there.

    Hope you have a great Halloween too...can't wait to see what Owen is dressed up as!

  3. Just wanted to take a second and thank you for all the effort you put into your countdown this year. Happy Halloween!

  4. Aw snap, here we go. The mother of all holidays for us horror nerds. Spike the punchbowl, put Halloween in the DVD player and hit endless loop and crank the spooky tunes! Love me some DK. Good touch sir!

  5. Shawn: No problem at is more than my pleasure and thanks for letting me participate! Hope you have a great Halloween too!

    Pax: The best Halloween wishes to you too sir!

    POT: You are gonna love the dance party line up throughout the day...shit is straight off the hook, son!


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