Friday, October 2, 2009

Chucktober Presents: Horrifying Halloween TV Advertisements!

In honor of the month of madness, the four weeks of fear, the 31 days of doom - I will rename the month of October to a moniker more fitting to my personal blogging needs - CHUCKTOBER! Take a minute, go ahead, take in the awesomeness slowly, or your lungs will collapse. The moment I thought of the name, "Chucktober," my nose began to bleed in a fashion very similar to that of a Scanner-on-Scanner brawl in the middle of a windy deserted street...that's how intense Chucktober is. Now if only I had though about it three days ago. Okay, you seem alright now, so lets get into it already, if there is one thing I have always loved during the days leading up to Halloween, it is the fun advertisements that play on TV. Sure they are just meant to prey on children and the weak minded with their fancy words and pretty colors, in the hopes that they will make profits for this quarter. But when it comes to Halloween and Horror ads, lets just say, my mind weakens faster than you can spell relief. Here is a handful of cool Halloween themed commercials I hand selected for this week, and I plan on doing a batch of theses classic, and not so classic TV ads every week until the earth is covered in spooks and specters on the 31st of CHUCKTOBER!!!

Toys 'R Us: If my parents got me any of these costumes, I would pull a Macaulay.

Capt. Crunch: Nothing says Halloween quite like peanut butter?

Doritos: Now I wonder, who exactly started the fire in the fireplace?

Dunkin' Donuts: Unfortunately, kids prefer smack over donuts these days.

There you have it! Look for another batch of ads sometime next week, hope you all enjoyed seeing these commercials...I know they all induced some nice memories for me, and hope they did for you as well!


  1. Great ads! It makes me wonder, though - if products still have Halloween-themed commercials anymore. It's funny - with DVR I rarely watch anything live anymore so I always skim through ads but yet some of my fondest memories of TV are from commericials.

  2. I know...I love seeing all of those old commercials, but I am so impatient and cannot sit through even a moment of them when they play on TV! Looks like we will not have any found memories of commercials from present times in another ten years...we don't see them!

  3. AH! I remember the Dunkin Donuts one!! YAY!

  4. I remember them all pretty good, but the D & D one is my favorite by far!

  5. Oh man, I specifically remember DD and Captain Crunch! Aw man! God, I love nostalgia! You're the best!

    Like Freddy told Alice: "Bring me more!"

  6. Thanks again, Ashlee!

    I have a shit ton more to share, and more than likely will have the next batch up sometime at the end of the week! I love these old commercials...I can watch them all day!

    "You're all my children now!"

  7. Nice the Doritos one was a favorite growing up, ps, my baby is missing.. you havent like.. seen it.. or eaten it.. or something.. have you?

  8. *chomp* *chomp* Naw dude...haven't seen any babies around here... *chomp* *chomp* *burp!*


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