Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There's Nothing to Clean, Dude

Director Adam Green posted his 11th annual Halloween short film and I found it to be quite entertaining, so I thought you might too.


  1. I enjoyed that way more than I should.
    "at the CVS"... god MA humor gets me every time. Thanks for posting Matty!

  2. It's a wicked funny video, dude! I love that Dunkin' Donuts is mentioned too!

  3. Brilliant. I feel sad for the people in Lynn, MA. Jack Chop felt like a U2 video - the Halloween version. I'll feel guilty when I'm eating my candy and knowing that Bill and Chris are digging in trash cans to get by.

  4. Funny stuff, the comment about Lynn caught me by surprise.

  5. Damocles: The U2 video is fitting since that is Bill's favorite band and all...maybe we can all get together and have a candy fun raiser for those OTC kids, that would be the right thing to do! Thanks for dropping by!

    Mob: It is a great little clip! The baddest dude in Revere is the one that got me!


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