Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey? For Thanksgiving?!

Now THIS is more like it!

Happy Thanksgiving from Chuck Norris Ate My Baby!


  1. aww..
    I'm conflicted! So cute & SO funny!

  2. I got this recipe...oh, it will fall right off the bone!

  3. Hey Matt.....I can only say you dare to be who you are....radical ! Although I am confused with the baby in the pot(should have some carrots and potatoes in there to..?) I nonetheless catch an HD picture of art-expressionism in you that is apparently beholding to no institution...and certainly not to any standard of Ohio based conservatism. Love ya !...Dad

  4. Yo, Matt - Happy Thanksgiving! Hope all's well with you!

  5. Awesome pick! I'd like my baby slightly simmered with a tablespoon of salt.

    FYI. I mentioned your thanksgiving collage of horror flicks on my Thanksgiving post

    Good stuff.

  6. Pops: That baby stew doesn't need too much added to it, the flavor is divine! Hope you had a good Turkey day!

    Jeff: Same for you, Jeff. Hope you didn't have to share too much of your fest!

    JV: Thanks for the shout out! I'll send you over a plate of salty baby right away!

  7. I calls the dark meat, happy turkey day mattnizzle

  8. It's all yours, Carl! Hope you had a nice T-giving, son!


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