Friday, November 13, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: 2 Hot 2 Handle Edition!

After posting my review of Paranormal Activity earlier in the week, I found myself inspired. That inspiration is what provides us with this week’s song of choice for Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party. This pajama-jammy-jam is fitting to what Katie and Micah went through, they were facing an unknown haunting, and they were facing it all on their own. Had they called the Ghostbusters...well, let's just say, they would have been in control. So grab your proton packs and split, to the dance floor, for a pre-crack (maybe) Bobby Brown and his song, On Our Own!

A far cry from Ray Parker Jr's beloved, Who You Gonna Call, On Our Own was recorded and released by Bobby Brown in 1989 as a single from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack. Great cheesy 80's video, complete with awesome special FX, dancing, spandex, and more celebrity appearances than you can shake an ass at...Christopher Reeve makes an appearance for cryin' out loud (which actually kinda bummed me out a little)! On Our Own was my song! For real. Everyone fronts and says how Bobby Brown ruined America's sweetheart, but personally, I think that trick went to the crack, but Bobby gets all the blame. I would take Every Little Step and On Our Own over I'm Every Woman and that Bodyguard crap any day. America's sweetheart...pfft! If you didn't know what you were getting into with the bad boy from New Edition, crack is the least of your problems.


  1. Ow wee oh, ya ya ya know it!! This is the jam yo!

  2. Sure is...I even get me a nice Gumby cut to go along with the smooth moves I'm bustin' out on the dance floor!

  3. THIS is my shit right here!
    This is my favorite Friday night dance party jam yet!

  4. It is?! That's awesome! This was my song back in the day and I knew it had to show up on FFDP at some point...I'm so psyched you love this song!

  5. I love you for this! We're officially family.
    The magnitude of my love for this song coupled with the film during a very special time in my childhood where me and moms would head to the Sam Eric downtown and see every late 80's blackbuster has yet to be matched.

    And don't forget Halle Berry's baby steps as a video girl in front of the neon backdrops.

  6. I am so happy that so many people appreciate this one! Some of my finest movie memories are of time spent in the theater with my moms, watching Conan the Barbarian and shit!


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