Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take the Paracinema

I seem to be back on track with writing reviews as of late, which makes me very ecstatic to be honest with you. There was a while where I was hardly writing any reviews over at Paracinema and I think it took me a month before I even posted my first review here and then another month before my second! So yeah, I am kind of back on track and I plan on keeping a steady amount of reviews coming between Paracinema and CNAMB, so I hope you hoes are cool with that.

Speaking of which, I do have a new review posted and it's located over at Paracinema for you to love and hold dearly. The film, 2007's Blackout staring Amber Tamblyn. It's a killer elevator movie...well not a movie about an elevator that kills, but a movie with an elevator as the location, with some deaths that occur within the confinements of said elevator.

Speaking of Amber Tamblyn, way back when, I reviewed the 2007 film Spiral, a film which she was one of the leads. At that time, I thought she was very good in the film and she sort of won me over with her quirky performance. Now that I see her in yet another horror film, I may have to start considering her status as a Scream Queen. She has been in Spiral, Blackout (which you can read about over at Paracinema! A plug within a plug? I really am a whore!), The Grudge 2, and of course, The Ring. I don't that enough to qualify her? If not queen, maybe a princess perhaps? What do you baby eating mofo's think?

Alrighty, I'll stop ramblin' about Tamblyn and send you over to Paracinema to read my shortest review, ever, Blackout.


  1. Much like Swamp Thing (see comment on last post), Tamblyn is dreamy.
    Ramblin bout Tamblyn should be her official fansite.

  2. She is pretty dreamy (especially in that photo up there..) and I really never thought much about her looks wise before Spiral. So the more I like her in movies, the hotter she has become, I guess.

    Plus she fucks David Cross, who is in my top three favorite current comedians, so that makes her even cooler and hotter, cause it isn't hard to look good next to David Cross!


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