Monday, November 2, 2009

Purple Nurple

Many people underestimate the color purple…I don’t mean that movie with the little short chick Prince; I’m talking about the actual color purple. Like the color that your nipple becomes when twisted in-between someone’s tightly gripped fingertips, or the color of delicious artificial grape substances. It’s a color that displays more than just style and fashion sense, it shows that you are a man that is not only confident, but a man with true panache. Purple can have an effect unlike any other color; it can grant the wearer the ability to have tight abs, or even the capability to throw an opponent onto a trampoline. However, if you do not have faith in your purple garb, or a pair of healed boots and white tapered pants, then you may not be able to harness all that is purple. In the end, you are just another jerk in purple pajamas.


  1. It is a phenomenal sight, isn't it?!

  2. That was brilliant, like Busby Berkley choreographed it. I am going to watch that scene over and over until I can do every move; those slow-mo back flips are going to be tough, but just you wait and see. ;)

  3. It's all in the boots, Pax, all in the boots. Nice super obscure reference by the way!

  4. My favorite part is the "Homoerotic?" tag, thats as classic as the fight scene

  5. I used that tag one other time and it was on my very first post - it fit the bill even better than it does this clip!



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