Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Horror Hangover

Ahhh...the long weekend that begins on a Thursday with Thanksgiving is nearing an end! Hopefully everyone had a nice one filled with a copious amount of food and drink and everything in between. Sadly, I got a pretty anemic hangover for you all today, but there are a few interesting things to check out, so not a complete loss I guess.

11:00 AM starts off with The Beast of Bray Road (2005) on SyFy. A film that I would guess would be your average cheese ball SyFy film, but the trailer actually looks really badass! It's about a Wisconsin set urban legend werewolf that has moved from livestock, to humans! The creature looks really cool and it appears there is some gore to be had, though this is afternoon cable, so who knows what you will actually see.

Keeping with the cycle of the wolf at SyFy, Cursed (2005) will be on at 1:00 PM. I never saw the entire film, just bits and pieces, which was more than enough to keep me away from this Williamson/Craven re-team. Still, Cursed may make for a mind numbingly acceptable watch while completely hungover and lacking any real brain function.

I said this was a weak hangover, so I am forced to already include something of the Christmas 2:00 PM A Christmas Carol (1984) is on Hallmark. I really enjoy this incarnation of A Christmas Carol and outside of Scrooged and the Disney animated film, it is a solid telling of the Charles Dickens' classic story.

At 3:30 PM, you better get off my lawn when The Enforcer (1976) is on ION (I am a lyrical assassin!). Love the Dirty Harry films and The Enforcer is one of the best. Pick of the week, punk!

3:00 brings us the non-Zemeckis Beowulf (1999) on SyFy. It's the story of Beowulf, but as played by uber movie tough guy, Christopher Lambert and the mega-hot, Rhona Mitra also stars. It says it all when you have an old English tale setting with the action pumped up to the max by techno music!

And for the final film of the day, at 3:30 PM, Demolition Man (1993) is on AMC. I have never seen this film and that may be due to my dislike for Sandy Bullock, which may just keep me away for another decade or so. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind checking it out.


  1. Demolition Man. Wow. Ok. Love that film. I admit it. It's kind of crap, but it has its charm. Ignore the fact that Ms. Jesse James is in it and watch it. Totally worth the time for Wesley Snipes inspired over the top performance. Speaking of Over The Top, that's what's on the flipside of my Demolition Man disk. Now there's a double feature.

    I would normally want to watch The Enforcer, but I got to see Harry Brown last night and my quota for badass gunplay has been filled for the weekend. Also Christmas Carol with George C. Scott is my favorite version, and I strongly encourage anyone whose not seen that to check it out.

    Great picks as always Matt!

  2. Matt, you owe it to yourself to check out Demolition Man! It's '90s cheese at its finest. Stallone and Snipes make for great sparring partners in this action mash-up. I just watched it again the other week on AMC and it's still a fun movie. The Enforcer is probably the third or fourth best Dirty Harry movie but that still makes it better than almost anything else. And the George C. Scott Christmas Carol is, for my money, the best of any version to date.

  3. Agreed on all accounts with Demolition Man. Cursed is really really terrible but has a moment of gloriousness when a werewolf flips a dude off.

  4. Is it wrong that I laughed too much at the Horror Hangover picture this week? She seems like a real classy broad.

  5. Bugg: Thanks! Snipes hair is over the top enough, I can't imagine how his performance must be!

    I remember GGTM talking about which was better, Demolition Man or Judge Dread, funny stuff! I'll give it a whirl at some point in time with your recommendation. Over the Top on the other hand, is awesome!

    Jeff: A second vote for Demo Man! I love all of the Dirty Hairy films and the only one I ever thought was a little weak was The Dead pool with Jim Carey! But like you said, weak for DH is still better than most others...and it does have the remote control car scene in it!

    I'm happy that others agree with me about the made for TV A Christmas Carol. Like I mentioned in the post, the only ones I like better area comedy and cartoon version.

    POT: Third vote for Demo Man!

    As for Cursed, Christina Ricci ain't to bad to look at either...

    James: Haha! I have a ton of classy photos of drunk women...some of them may be women I be careful how much you drink around me. You may be featured on the next Hangover!

  6. That would render my life strangely complete. I need never do anything, EVER again. EVA!

  7. What seems to be your boggle?

    You haven't seen Demolition Man!

    Its an awesome flick...all that needs to be said is Taco Bell dude. Taco Bell.

  8. James: Maybe I'll make it up to your neck of the woods one day and catch you bombed off some fine wine and you can make the post picture of The Horror Hangover! That would be great!

    Jaded: I love me some Taco Bell! I promise to get on it as soon as it makes its way to my tele again!


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