Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Horror Hangover

Halloween has officially passed and while I am very saddened by this, I still have some left over Halloween goodies for you Baby Eaters out there to make the transition back to normalcy a little easier. Chucktober kept me pretty busy and made it a little too difficult to post all the shit I wanted to, so I still have a few more horror movie reviews to put up before the end is "official" keep your eyes open!

As for the Horror Hangover - with the spooky season over now, I will not be focusing on just horror movies, but any type of genre film that I see worthy of CNAMB. If it's on basic cable and it's either bad-ass, bad, or at least interesting, I will have it listed for you to choose from as you drool all over yourself every Sunday afternoon!

Here we go...
At 11:00 AM, SyFy is playing Showdown at Area 51 (2007). It's about two aliens that crash land on Earth and do something...I'm gonna guess that it involves some sort of showdown at area 51, or something. Not sure if it sounds like your cup of tea? Just let this clip make the decision for you...

If you aren't into SyFy movies staring Jason London (and who isn't?), then 11:30 Am The Butterfly Effect (2004) is on FX. Yeah. Whatever.

At 12:00 PM the TV Guide network (?) is playing Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest (2008). It's apparently based on short stories from Stoker with Stoker himself as a character in the film, who is forced to spend time away from his girl to prove their love for one another. 2003's Leatherface plays Dracula...sure.

SyFy is coming out swinging at 1:00 PM with part 1 of V (1983) to be followed up with the 80's alien invasion miniseries concluding at 3:00 PM. V is awesome and the perfect way to spend your hangover this this is definitely my pick for the day. It's already made for TV, so no edits, and the cast is great with the likes of Robert Englund and the Beastmaster himself, Marc Singer. This promo is so great, you should be sold!

No need for coffee when at 2:00 PM Crank (2006) will be running wild on USA. Crank is a fun movie that really isn't for everyone, but if you love Statham (I know I do!) and you love completely ridiculous, nonsensical, and insane cinema, then this is the movie for you! Not sure how well this one will play out on television, but your barely alive right now, so it may be worth a shot!

2:30 PM brings us Club Dread (2004) on Comedy Central. A solid mix of humor and horror, I thought Club Dread was an okay flick that works as a mediocre-to-decent Slasher and is chock full of comedy. It's Broken Lizard, so if you like what they do, then you should enjoy this one...and Bill Paxton is great as Coconut Pete!

Almost time for a shower, but before that Thelma & Louise (1991) is on Style (?) at 4:00 PM. You should know about this one, tons of great actors with Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Brad Pitt, and Tabby Tibbons aka Christopher McDonald. Oh yeah, and it's directed by Ridley Scott. Great movie.

4:15 Gives us the gift of Forbidden Planet (1956) on Turner Classic Movies. This will be my second choice since it will be presented nicely on TCM and its a classic Sci Fi film - you can never go wrong with classic Sci Fi. So now you got two solid Science Fiction picks to choose from throughout your day. You're welcome!

That's it for me today...have a nice hangover!


  1. Not a bad group of picks for the HH today - although I'm afraid to watch V again. I have a feeling I'll find out that it isn't quite as great as I remember!

  2. God I'm hurting. Trash can punch + everclear = I want to kill myself.

    Holy lol at the Showdown at Area 51 trailer.

  3. Jeff: I have always wanted to revisit the miniseries and the show, but you may be right...I'm sure it doesn't hold up to what it was over 25 years ago. But that Marc Singer is so dreamy!

    POT: I feel ya, man...this hasn't been the most motivating of Sundays for me either. I can blame that on shitty beer and a couple dozen chicken wings!

    That clip is great though!

    Loaf: There is a new V! I have seen a few commercials for it now and it looks like it could be cool. I'll probably never see it on TV 'cause I never really watch TV, but if it's good...I'll check it out on DVD perhaps.

  4. Im afraid I went with 0 on this round, I barely got in any flicks this weekend to my dismay.. And what worse? The wife is making me watch the CHILDS PLAY series.. again.. for the 100th time.....

  5. I love Child's Play! But maybe not enough to watch it all the time though...does she make you watch all of the more comedic sequels too, like Bride and Seed? Too bad you didn't get to watch more movies on Halloween weekend...I didn't even watch Halloween this year I was so tied up. It doesn't need to be Halloween to watch that, but it's the point of it all!


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