Thursday, November 5, 2009

CNAMB Presents: Monster of the Week!

Every week I'm looking to bring you sexy bitches a pick for a "monster of the week," whether it be a creature, a mutant, a zombie, or even a serial killer. Criteria for monster of the week will only require one thing, that I think said monster is dope. No other criteria is necessary if you ask me!

The first monster of the week is...

Swamp Thing!

Created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson in 1971, Swamp Thing is originally a comic book character, but over the years has graced many different media outlets. Most notably and the main reason for his appearance this week is for the 1982, Wes Craven directed pulp horror film classic, simply titled, Swamp Thing. There was an eventual sequel in 1989, The Return of Swamp Thing, and of course Swamp Thing: The Series TV show that aired on the USA Network from 1990-1993.

A great character and a classic horror monster, who really isn't so much of a monster outside of his moist exterior, Swamp Thing is a creature that I will always be found of. The only thing I have always wondered though, does Swamp Thing ever get a chapped ass like I do when I get swampy in the summer time? If so, what is his remedy?


  1. Swamp Thing does have a remedy for the condition called Swamp Butt, but he claims it is herbal and will only share it with the ladies.

    Love the new segment, love Swamp Thing, and love the first of his films. I would really like to see the character revisited someday, but while they could re-make the film, they will never take away my 6 year old reaction to the lovely Adrienne Barbeau. Yow-sah!

  2. Thanks! That explains why I never hear any women complaining about swamp ass! They got a great tip from the swampiest man alive!

    Swamp Thing was the first to come to mind when I though about the segment...he needs a little more love than he's gotten these days. I'm sure that we will see another film incarnations of the character sometime down the road, but I too doubt they could replicate the boomer boobies of Barbeau!

  3. Swamp Thing is the bomb! It's just sad that Dick Durock recently passed away. Who can ever fill those swampy shoes now that he's gone? I was watching the USA show a while back and, man, that's some shitty TV for you. Durock's performance and the awesome Swamp Thing costume itself are the only watchable aspects of that show.

    Anyhow, this was a great first pick - looking forward to seeing what other monsters you've got in store, Matt!

  4. Thanks Jeff! The second Swamp Thing entered my mind as the first monster of the week, there was no need to think any further!

    I can imagine that the only good thing in the TV series, outside of the great Swamp Thing costume, is the dope ass opening credits! "The swamp is my world!"

  5. I always wanted a McGuyver / Swamp Thing crossover, I thought that would be badass..

  6. You know i read that comment, I could totally picture that crossover and it seemed right! You have the perfect make up for a dynamic character in Mac that is smart and can think quick on his feet and then you have Swamps, who is the brawn of the two. The muscle if you will. There is a TV movie in there somewhere...


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