Friday, November 6, 2009

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Kumite Slow Jam Edition!

The club has been straight poppin' and lockin' the past few Friday nights, and since Halloween was straight off the bike chain, I thought it would be nice if we slowed things down a bit and brought in a guest DJ for tonight's slow jam edition of Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! No one knows how to take it slow better than DJ OK, USA! So fellas, if you don't wanna be on your own - alone, then grab the lady you think is hottest *except for her... that honey is mine!* and get ready for some slow grinding... Bolo style!! You may wanna limber up first. Might I suggest grabbing a couple chairs to do the splits on? It'll really make the dancing experience that much better as well as give you the ability to do triple helicopter kicks at the head of any opponent who stands in your way.

Man, Bolo's got bigger tits than every girl here! I wonder if they feel as nice as they look…

DJ OK, USA! sure knows how to spin a tight beat, huh? Hope you were able to enjoy a nice slow dance without being haunted by images of your hospitalized friend from Revenge of the Nerds and Chinese Hercules. If you were, you really didn't show it. You looked great out there, sport!


  1. The entire soundtrack to this film was epic. 'I fight to survive!!' Watch out yo, while I cut a rug.

  2. A day doesn't go by where I don't have a "Kumite-kumite-kumite-kumite" singing fit because of that song! The guy that performed both of those songs also did the music for Kickboxer! How can one person be more badass?

  3. Dude. We need more Bloodsport posts. I even compiled a Top 10 Scenes in Bloodsport post.

    Very good post. But brick not hit back.

  4. Thanks! Love Bloodsport and I agree, we definitely need more Bloodsport posts in the world! Funny thing is, I thought about you and your love for Bloodsport when compiling this weeks dance party, so I am glad that you enjoy it! I'm off to read your Top 10 Scenes right this very second...thanks for dropping by!


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