Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What? No Award for Prettiest Smile?!


The ugly brown looking blog you are reading right now has been given an award from our very good friend Geof of Enter the Man Cave. It is the Kreativ Blogger award for Kreativity (so hip-hop sounding!) and CNAMB is proud to have been loved by the one that wants us all to Enter his Man Cave! As you may know, there are a few rules that apply whenever an award like this goes around…

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog (it’s already on the left side!).
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated

So first I would like to thank Geof for this honor and for being a supporter and friend of CNAMB since nearly the beginning. I also would like to thank him for putting together such a fine blog himself and Enter the Man Cave is a Man Cave more than worth Entering. Thanks Geof!

And here is my seven interesting things about me:

1. I was once on the cover of an Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine for a story that was up for a couple of awards.

2. I don’t watch a lot of network TV, but when I do get into a show, it’s usually on DVD or On-Demand. I have gone through seasons in one sitting and I most recently stayed up till 7am watching the last 6 episodes of Lost. Dork? Yup.

3. While I thought it was the stupidest show when it was originally airing on TV, I succumbed to Dawson’s Creek and would watch numerous episodes in the early mornings and late nights when back-to-back-to-back episodes would air.

4. I love string cheese and eat at least two a day…usually after I eat a meal.

5. I met Dave Chappelle and hung out with him for more than five minutes.

6. I was playing with fire when I was younger and set the trash in the basement on fire, almost burning down the entire house.

7. I made out with your mom at a disco party once…she kisses really well.

Now for my seven Kreativ blogs…I did this a couple times last year and named quite a few blogs back then(which you can see here, here, and here), so I am not going to repeat any of those blogs here. I read A LOT of blogs – so many that I cannot even comment on half of them, so this is going to be a tough choice and know that if your blog is not mentioned, it is not because I do not love you. It’s because you wont sleep with me.

1. Planet of Terror Complaint Dept and my boy, Cortez the Killer rock the dope reviews and even make it a point to spotlight and support great Independent horror cinema – even doing interviews with the filmmakers behind them. Also, Cortez’s taste in trashy horror is to die for!

2. The Horror Digest Andre (short for Andrea) is witty, consistent, and always brings a fresh take on the movies she covers. Her humor is some of the best in the blogging business, she is incredibly snarky (maybe even more so than me), she pulls no punches and that is what I love about her!

3. Midnight Confessions Movie Reviews What can I say about the Reverend Phantom? Man, does this guy do an amazing job with what may be the most difficult of review techniques…the video review. He’s very funny, covers a ton of great trash and has a style all his own. His video reviews are superbly put together and must take so much time to produce, but I’m happy he does, ‘cause I love them.

4. Italian Film Review Nigel posts numerous reviews about the wonderful world of Italian cinema…covering all the Exploitation, Spaghetti Westerns and Euro Crime goodness (and everything in-between) that can be found in the land of mozzarella! Best part about his reviews, besides his knowledge of the movies themselves, is they are very short and you can blast through them quick and get exactly what he thinks about the film.

5. The Jaded Viewer Jeff, better known for being Jaded, is another hard worker always putting out interesting and great reviews with a nice set up with how he structures them. I love that he rates all of his films in Van Damme Kumite spin kicks and he is just a great guy to interact with and brings a lot of fun to his posts every time.

6. All Things Horror Mike Snoonian and Chris Hallock will Double Impact your brain like Jean Claude with their amazing blog. They cover all things horror as the title would suggest and that includes book and movie reviews, blog spotlights, and even special effects tips! The mostest awesome thing about them, they do special horror events at the Somerville Theater in Massachusetts, where they show horror films from independent filmmakers. That’s what it’s all about!

7. Musings Across A Continuum Ms Harker does it all, from news, books and movie reviews, to just plain old banter. She has a fun – quirky and very insightful way about every subject she tackles and it is always a great joy to stop by this blog, which might be the best looking one around, just for the record!

Enjoy your much deserved award guys!


And Moving on…

Now, not only did I get Kreativ recently, but I also got tagged by Carl of I Like Horror Movies fame with a Meme. The rules of this one are similar, but a little less than that of the award for best tush. I mean for Kreativ blogging. First, I must share the three best things that happened to me this past decade and then name five blogs (but I’m doing six) to keep the Meme going if they so choose to participate.

First, I’ll thank Carl for showing me some love, as he too has been a great friend of CNAMB since almost the beginning and he also puts out one of the best blogs around! Thank you so much, sweet checks!

Here are the three best things that happened to me this past decade in as few words as possible (‘cause I’m getting tired):

1. Number one is meeting my girlfriend, or fiancĂ© if you don’t believe in freedom. This is as easy as it gets for a decade highlight…together for nearly a decade ourselves, she is da bomb and I love her. And if I didn’t pick her, she would get mad. Wokka-wooka!

2. Netflix instant watch. Need I say more?

3. And one that I should mention as best thing of the decade for me, I won’t, because it will come up soon enough in something else I wrote. Instead, I will say that when my lady and I were in a wedding contest a few years back is a great moment for me in the last ten.

We had something like 2,200 votes and lost to some ugly, loser couple that had 2,500 votes and then broke up after they won ‘cause the girl was apparently a slut! Sounds kinda shitty, I know and why would this be a great moment in the last ten years? Because we had TWOTHOUSANDTWOHUNDRED (something) VOTES! Friends and family and friends of friends and family of friends and friends of family came together and gave us so much support, that it was just fantastic.

You know way too much about me…

Okay, now on to six MORE blogs that give me a stiff one, because I love them so…

1. Heart in a Jar Senski puts out a wonderful and intelligent blog with a very wide variety of horror related subject matter with each and every post. This is a must read and his Siskel & Ebert & Slashers post is one hell of a great read!

2. Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire Is as the title would suggest, a dark and delightful blog brought to us by the wonderful Tenebrous Kate. She covers all sorts of great foreign horror films and in the same humorous breath, she will review the sleaziest of the sleazy, and I love me some sleaze!

3. GoreGoreDancer’s Movie Reviews Aleata covers horror a plenty, but she is also into doing her own horror movies and even better, she posts some of the short films she made on her blog. She puts herself out there and isn’t afraid to do her own thing and it shows in her topics and writing.

4. Cavalcade of Perversions The title says it all and Jenn has a sassy style all her own when it comes to covering sleaze and cheese – or talking about her cats even! She dives head first into the dumpster and finds some great films that might be just plain awful, but there is a diamond in the rough from time-to-time and that is something I appreciate greatly.

5. The WGON Helicopter This is a newer blog I discovered and as with every blog mentioned here, Dod puts out a quality blog that covers many things that horror has to offer shuffled into the great reviews he does. He even did a great post on the music of Nick Cave and spotlighted a few of his favorite songs from the artist. Great stuff!

6. Zombies Don’t Run Chuck don’t fuck around and has been smashing out numerous posts covering all different topics in the world of a horror fan. Great reviews and a lot of fun nostalgic posts keep me coming back every day to see what’s new!

In all seriousness, go to my blog roll for honorable mentions – all blogs on there are nothing short of great.

Thanks for reading all this crap about me and thanks to Geof and Carl for being so purdy. I hope everyone checks out their blogs and the other blogs I listed – I wouldn’t list them if they weren’t great, or if their authors didn’t earn it in other ways, if ya know what I mean!


  1. Stop spreading lies about my name Matt! Andre is only short for AWESOME. Hahah well thank you- this is my second Nomination and I just don't know what to do with myself- and I don't get it do I now pick 5 blogs to get the award? My small brain is hurting from lack of cupcakes and nutrients.

  2. I thought it was short for Adirondack?!

    I checked the other award you got and since it's the same one, you can just do the seven things and seven blogs that you love oh so much. I got two different things, which meant I had to do two different lists or some shit. I'm tired now.

  3. Haha damn! Well I will just have to thank both of you I suppose. Even though the award doesn't go with my site decor but whos does. Sweet I love talking about myself I'm psyched WOOT.

  4. Congrats! :) And I would not like any renderings of my mom kissing anyone, thank you.

  5. Thanx, Matt! This makes all the nagging from my wife about all the time I spend putting together reviews all worth it!!

    I'm actually familiar with most of these other blogs and they are some of my favorites as well and I'll be sure to check out the others. I'll try and do my own list--if I do, your blog will certainly be one of them. CNAMB is a regular read of for me. Keep up the good work, brotha'!

  6. Thank you Sir, I am very honored to even be listed in the same group of bloggers you have listed there.

    Now my main question is..Do I now get to post that logo on my blog? lol

  7. Aw, thanks, Matt! Your blog rules and you are amazing for doing this. All of these writers are so talented, insightful, funny (or serious when needed), and I always gain some new knowledge from their work no matter how much I think I know everything about horror films. It's nice to have so many different perspectives and resources at my fingertips!

    I'll let Mike know about this honor (and I don't mean that lightly), and we'll fullfill our obligation.

    Thanks, man!

  8. Thanks, dude! Look out - because I have lots more 'sleaze and cheese' in store - as well as cats in costumes.

    Rock on

  9. Thanks bro! ::gives you big Jersey Shore bro hug and fist bump:: You are the shiznit. Now time for me to return the favor to other deserving blogs.

  10. Matt, this was a great pick-me-up at a time when it sure was needed! Thanks, my friend! (Is there an icon that I now post on The Jar?)

  11. Congrats Matt - very well deserved! :P

  12. Thank you Matt. I really appreciate this. I am not sure a follow up post will fit the review format cos I am doing my best to build the thing database style for reference (and to be honest as a way of cataloging my collection hehe)

    I will rustle something up for the sidebar with a link back.

  13. Thanks Matt. This made my day. I'm totally gonna return the favor once I get this damn Top 10 list out of the way this week.

    CNAMB is a daily fix for me like coffee and heroin...not that I do heroin but...well you get what I mean.

    Thanks again!

  14. Thanks, Matt! I appreciate it very, very much - I awarded you right back, by the way:


  15. Thanks Matt! It always amazes me that anyone reads my ramblings, and to be appreciated by other genre writers whose post I devour every day makes me feel giddy.

    Now I'm going to take advice from James Lipton and "have a ponder" while I think of sites to nominate. I'll talk to Chris tomorrow!

    Thanks again!

  16. Thanks so much for including my blog!You rock!=]

  17. Dude.. Dawsons Creek? ..Wait, wasnt I the kid desperately anticipating the next Ally McBeal each week? No.. Couldnt be me..

    Netflix Instant Que would have been #4 for me if it didnt signal the impending doom of Blockbuster and my $3.99 clearence DVDs =D

  18. LOOK AT ALL THESE COMMENTS! Maybe I should do an award/Meme thing once a week to get the massive page loads I got in the last few days! I think I may be on to something here…

    Aaaand, we’re off!

    Ashlee: Thanks and I’ll keep the memories of my mom make out sessions to myself!

    Rev: Thank you for the kind words…I can only imagine the work that goes into doing the video reviews and in the end, they look fantastic and I enjoy them greatly! So you sir, are more than welcome.

    Chuck: You sure can, but you also have to post a photo of that fine looking lady at the top of this post too! You do a bang up job and considering how much content you put out, that is no easy task! You keeping it fresh, dawg!

    Chris: You are very welcome and thank you for being a friend, Golden Girls style! I used to troll so many news sites for horror news and reviews and shit and now I barely even bother any more when I can get all the same info from all these great blogs that actually have a voice behind them.

    Jenn: You are very welcome…If ever there is a new subgenre called Catsploitaiton - I know where to look first for reviews! You cover a lot of flicks I never heard of, so thank you for that!

    POT!: YEAAAAAAH BOOOOYEEE! Thanks to you brah and you are welcome man…wanna go tanning later?

    James: Thanks James! You are a gentleman as always!

    Nigel: Now worries Nigel…no one needs to do a follow up post. I wouldn’t take any offense, but I do like to give the shout outs to the people that bring me joy when I read their stuff!

    Jaded: Ha ha…thanks man! Don't sweat about posting a reply - do your list first! I am struggling to even start my decades 25 best do to procrastination! If you got any heroin though…

    Dod: You are welcome and thank you for the award back! Keep doing what you’re doing and I will keep reading!

    Mike: I agree about anyone reading any of the crap I write, but you and Chris do an awesome job and I love the stuff you do for the Indie film scene in Mass just to make things even better!

    Aleata: When you say “you rock,” you should look in the mirror, ‘cause YOU rock! Okay, that was lame, but thanks and you are super welcome!

    Christine: HA! And I actually have met your mom, but we refrained from “doing stuff” that time due to the crowd! Thanks and Lost is SOOOOOOO fucking good!

    Carl: I never wanted it to happen, but it just got me and sucked me in with all its awfulness! Plus, at the time Katie Holmes was way hot and not married to little crazy gay guys! I almost went with my first convention experience instead of Netflix, but thought I could save that story for another time! And thank you for the award!


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