Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Need to Put a Bag Over Paracinema’s Head!

bagheadNEW That’s a bit of a reach with that title, but cut me some slack here! I do have a nice little review posted over at the sexiest little blog in town and it is for the 2008 Indie comedy, relationship, sorta horror movie hybrid, Baghead. If you want to know what I mean by “sorta horror,” you’ll have to read the review to find out!

I will say that despite the title of the movie being Baghead, it has nothing to do with sack head Jason from the Friday films. How shitty is the name of sack head by the way? ballsackhead You think other monster like Freddy and Mike Myers make fun of him all the time calling him “Ball sack head Jason?!” Maybe this is why he got rid of the sack and took to the hockey mask. Then that would open up the flood gates for bullies like Candyman to say shit like, “Hey Jason, what’d ya lose your sack?” I would so make fun of him, if I were a monster that is…as I am right now, I am in no position to be taking shots at Jason Voorhees, even though the term mama’s boy is tempting.

Okay, that’s enough jibber jabber and I am near nonsensical – I do encourage you to head over to that pretty little palace known as Paracinema to read my review of Baghead, unless you have no sack that is.

Click here for the review of Baghead!


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