Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fashion Sense, or Lack Thereof, of the Male Characters in Sleepaway Camp

When re-watching Sleepaway Camp for the first time in a long time, I began to notice a pattern. Not a pattern showing how the killer chose his/her victims, or even clues found in the numerous red hearings pointing to who the killer actually is in this 1983 Slasher cult classic. Nope, this was a pattern that included the outfits that many of the film’s male character’s picked out for their summer of fun in the sun.

Sometimes known as booty shorts, daisy dukes, short-shorts, hot pants, jorts (if they’re made of jean, that is), and why the hell is that man wearing those, slut cuts are a brand of short pants that exceed the legal limits of short and cross over into a realm of excessive inner thigh and possible pube sightings. I’m not here to judge these male characters for their odd choices in attire…instead, I am here to celebrate their decision to avoid tan lines, respect, and ambiguity as to how big their plunger is.

Here is an in-depth look, at the semi-nude, butt-cut boys of summer.

“Daddy, that girl’s bikini bottom cover’s more ground than your shorts!”




“What time should I realize I’m wearing these shorts?!”


“Man, your legs are really looking righteous this summer!”


“Nice to see some of us got the new uniform memo…”


A meeting of the thighs


I think we may have found Snooki’s long lost father

(I actually don’t know if he was lost, so much as he probably ran away!)


Who wears a half-shirt over a sweater?

(I know he’s the same guy, but he is beyond just one photo!)


“HEY! I wanna be the catcher!”


“Bet ya guys can’t get my blue shorts wet! Ha ha ha ha! ”



Them some sexy legs, huh?! But no one in Sleepaway Camp quite has the stem presence like camp consoler Ronnie (Paul DeAngelo), who with his always poking pecker, brings a whole new meaning to the term, less is more.

Ronnie: A God amongst men. Or tennis players in the 80’s


“Hey honey, you’re looking kinda wolfie down there. I got an extra bottle of Nair in the back if your up for a session?”


Ronnie’s version of Capri pants


“You have the right to remain…really hot in those shorts! What gym do you go to?!?”


There ya have it…just a small handful of the impressive wardrobe choices found in Sleepaway Camp. All worn with pride. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna hit the gym so I can do some squats and get ready for summer. Ladies, get ready to take a ride on the thighway when I hit up the beach this year.


  1. Hehehe. I noticed the exact same thing when I re-watched it- and used those same pics in my post- esp. the soft ball game ones. Frickin' genius. I can't get enough of those booty shorts!!! I need a poster of them all STAT!

  2. Oh yes! The wardrobe of Sleepaway Camp is all kinds of amazing!!!!

  3. Is this Sleepaway Camp or Fire Island?

    Honestly, I thought you guys needed all the room possible?

    Amazing that kids were even made during these coochie cutter days.

    Must not fall asleep on this movie for yet a third time when I get my hands on a copy...

  4. Funny shit dude. The Burning also has some interesting male fashions being sported.

  5. Andre: Now I see why you love Sleepaway Camp so much! There should be a poster in the style of Breakfast Club with Ronnie in Molly Ringwald's spot!

    Becky: I know! I wonder if clothing was cheaper then due to less material used!

    Ashlee: I had to look up Fire Island and this is one of the photos that came up! HAWT!

    And yes, the more room, the better...I don't know how dudes could walk around in drafty shorts like that all day and not get a boner! Maybe that explains how kids were made in the coochie cutter days!

  6. I have The Burning and have yet to watch it, which I am slightly ashamed of to be honest. Now I can't wait to see it!

  7. Awesomeness in here. I remember wearing dorky striped tube socks back in the day.

    That will be brought back in 2011.

  8. As long as they're on chicks, I'm all for striped tube socks, Jaded!

  9. Yeah, there's probably less homoerotic gay porn out there compared to some of those screen caps you've got there.

    The wife and I really got a hoot out of marathoning these films back during October. Still need to see Return To Sleepaway Camp before it disappears off instant watch.

  10. The whole movie is pretty much a gay porn...I mean, a whole group of guys go skinny dipping, but can't even get the girls to go with them?! However, I think those girls were all only interested in one thing, and that's Ronnie!

    I haven't seen any of the sequels, but I may check out "Return" as I'm sure it's okay to skip the others ones and go back later.

  11. aaahhh, "SLEEPAWAY" awesomeness...

    The worst for me is that my dad used to wear those Ronnie shorts on fishing trips all the time, and then we'd go into some place to get a bite to eat or something and I'd be -painfully- aware of how dorky he looked. At least he avoided the cut-off/bare-midriff shirts. Usually.

  12. It's like 70's and 80's NBA all over again. lol.

  13. I really dislike the booty shorts on the guys in all these camp movies. Apparently if you look just right at the raft scene in The Burning you can see some testicles...I don't know for sure, I have no desire to check it out lol

  14. funny,i got this and several bad 80s stuff for christmas.actually re watched it 2 days ago.laughed at how horrible the acting was , and the gal said she could see junk.i asked how some guys could have a split infront without being a high pitched unic.then i tryed another;the house by the cemetary.coldnt do it without alot of gabepentin and vicodin.

  15. J.: I think many of us had fathers rocking the short shorts and sometimes even with white tube socks for added effect!

    Geof: I still shake my head whenever I see old NBA footage! There is so little between their junk and each other!

    Chuck: Ha...if you see testicles in The Burning, should it be called great balls of fire?! That's a terrible joke, I'm sorry.

    Robert: Ha ha! I'm sure they all had low sperm count if they weren't completely ballless! There's nothing like the 80's!

  16. When I watched this, my first thought was "did we really dress like that back then?" Then I remembered gym class and early 80's summers, and the shame made me curl up into a fetal position.

  17. Ha ha! As it should! I only wore the short-shorts as a young kid when I played soccer, but I did make the conscious decision to wear mesh shirts. So shame on me!

  18. I always laugh when I watch this flick because my dad's shorts were always waaay shorter than the guys in SC, disturbingly so

  19. Shorter?!Than Ronnie's?!?! You poor thing! My dad wore pretty short-shorts, but not that bad, though he did wear white tube socks with them! Hope he doesn't read this!


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