Saturday, January 9, 2010

CNAMB Presents: The Pre-Top 25 Films of the Decade Thing!

This is going to take forever? I’m asking only because I am just starting this and I plan on doing my top 25 very tight and quick, so not to drag it out for too long. I just don’t want to get all crazy talking about these movies (‘cause it’s gonna be hard not to) as there are 25 of them and to spend too much time on each one is too much time to ask you to spend with me. I know you like to spend time elsewhere (because to miss me is epic), so to keep you all to myself is just selfish.

This is how it’s going to work: I am going to do this in three segments…first, I will do my 25-16, then a few days later 15-6, then to cap it all off with a bang, I will do my top 5 best films of the decade. Or, I’ll just do it all together depending on how it goes. Guess we’ll see when it happens! I’ve been stewing on this post for sometime, just dreading all the work it will take deciding what films should go where, but I also have got to do it so I can share my thoughts on what exactly ruled the decade in films, through my eyes. Tough decisions have to be made! So yeah, be on the look out for that and I think that is all for now…you are dismissed! 


  1. I tried doing this, then ended up scrapping it half way through--I do not envy your task, but I can't wait to see the list.

  2. It took me weeks to do my top 20 of 2009. I don't envy doing a decade I'm not gonna do one. But I'll gladly read yours!

  3. Eagerly awaiting the dropping of wisdom. PS - Thanks again for Ink - would've missed that otherwise.

  4. Godspeed Matt. I'm really looking forward to the list as much as you're looking forward to my response.

  5. Rev: I may have done this post if not only to force me to do it...I have it started and the films are in place, so the hard part is pretty much over.

    I thought about doing it with only movie posters and no descriptions (because the films DO speak for themselves) and decided not to - so I thought it was funny how you ended up going back and talking about your best of '09 in detail after the backlash! I thought your poster list looked great though and no explanation was needed.

    Jaded: I hope that is not the case...if I can knock out four or five movies a day, it souldn't take too long. I hope. I just have to keep myself in line and not get carried away talking about the movies I love dearly...that is the hardest part!

    D-Money!: The list will be pretty much the end all decade list! And I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed Ink. I turned a few people on to it and the response has been really positive and that makes me very happy!

    Ashlee: Your words ring very true, Ashlee! I promise that my list will be a good one with a few surprises on it!

  6. Very nice, looking forward to shaking my fist and tearing at the laptop with my teeth at our disagreeances you baby eating fiend!

  7. Ha ha...that is always the case with lists like this. I have seen quite a few of them and I am disgusted that my number one pick isn't everyones! My number one pick IS the best movie of the decade!


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