Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vote for Chuck Norris Ate My Baby!


Horror website Bloody Disgusting is putting on a Horror Blog award’s thingy and amongst the many amazing blogs nominated, I am very proud to say that CNAMB has been included in the running. I can’t lie and say I wouldn’t LOVE to win, but I highly doubt I have any chance at all, however I would love to at least do well as it would be a great way to feed my ego!

What’s interesting about this whole thing is many great blogs are nominated and many of my readers and good friends are behind those blogs (I can forget about those votes!), so I want to wish them all good luck. If CNAMB doesn’t win, then it better be one of them! Click on the link below (or on the sidebar) to vote - you have to have a registered account to do so (and to keep it fair), but it’s really easy to sign up. If I win, I’ll review whatever movie each one of you wants me to!


Bloody Disgusting’s Horror Blogger Awards


  1. Good luck good sir! I doubt we'll win but we'll have fun giving out free BJ's and hand jobs in the process of swaying voters. My wrist is already tired.

  2. Thanks and I wish you the same. I'm gonna have to teach you the foot hander technique to save those wrists!

  3. Registered and voted. Noted with dismay that they've nominated roughly 84 blogs, so the 'leader' has like 6% of the vote. We have primaries for a reason folks, way to fracture the voting body.

    Good luck, my funk soul brotha.

  4. Congratulations Matt! This is very good news indeed, you must be thrilled - even to just be nominated, non?
    I just registered and voted. There were quite a few blogs and know and love nominated. What can I say though, you have the purdiest mouth. ;o)
    Good luck!

  5. Congrats, Sir House! It is well-deserved on your part, and I am delighted and honored to find myself in your company.

    As for the bjs and sundry other favors of a salacious nature...how else do you think I got my nomination? :-)

  6. Mob: Thanks brotha! The % thing is very odd indeed and I have a feeling the numbers wont change all that much either with so many blogs taking part, the voting is thinned out!

    James: I am very excited indeed and if it's because of my purdy mouth, than I'm okay with it! Thanks a bunch, James!

    Senski: I think the favors are going all around! Congrats and good luck to you sir and I too am honored to be in the mix with blogs as great as HIAJ!

  7. They should have done different rounds to narrow down to a top 10 or whatev. So many "contestants"
    You're still the boy I vote for though... GOOD LUCK!

  8. Thanks a bunch! I agree, it would have been smart to narrow it down some...the numbers look so sad!

  9. ONLY for you... of course, I should check out these sites more than I do.

    Best of luck! You deserve it.

  10. You are the wind beneath my wings, Ashlee!


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