Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Horror Hangover

hangover (2)

Well, the holidays are now completely past us and I am sure that many of you backed dat ass up more than you should have this past weekend – one that started on Thursday no less. I’m still kinda hurting from Thursday night’s festivities alone - due to the copious amounts of draft beer and hard alcohol put in ma belly – though, to be completely honest, I am a bit of a teetotaler in my olden years. The Hangover is a little light again (and slightly familiar), but not a complete loss…one major issue seems to be finding embedded trailers for less than well known films and that can be quite frustrating. The time spent searching alone makes me want to type 1,5oo words with my face!

I’ll stop crying now and get on with The Hangover…

11:30 is coming out swinging with Unforgiven (1992) on AMC. Seriously, do I need to say anything about this film? Classic, masterpiece, perfect? Not good enough descriptions if you ask me. One of the greatest Westerns ever put to screen and one of my personal favorites of the genre. Pick of the week? Fuckin’ A right it is.

Next up, at 1:00 PM Beowulf (1999) is on SyFy channel once again. This came up in a previous Hangover and as I said that time, it looked good enough…to spend an afternoon puking with.

At 2:30 Comedy Central is playing Hot Fuzz (2007). Laughing may inspire more puking, but it may be worth the trouble with this mostly solid follow up to Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are just a joy to watch together on screen and that alone is worth the time spent.

3:00 brings about The Last Warrior (1989) on FLIXe. I’ve never even heard of this movie, but what I have found out about it, makes me really want to see it! It’s plot is kinda similar to Hell in the Pacific, but totally more like an Italian action rip-off Rambo version of that film, but I don’t think it’s Italian – just the comparison is a perfect one. There is action, samurai swords and lots of sweat. The perfect balance for an awesome action flick. This is a film that I unfortunately could not find a trailer that could be posted here, but I would encourage a click on this link to check it out! This is my “Unforgiven is over now” pick of the week!

Last up at 3:30 The Marine (2006) kicks in some heads on FX. A standard, but more than “service”able action movie staring wrestler John Cena and the T-1000. I love movies like this…perfect type of film to just shut you brain down to during a horrible Hangover.

As I said, not a lot, but better than previous weeks have been. Hope everyone had a great and safe New Year and any one that knows anything about The Last Warrior…please, tell me more!


  1. Glad to see you had fun on New Years. After partying like a rock star last year, I was extremely tame...and very lame this year. I definitely agree with you on Pegg/Frost and Hot Fuzz.

  2. I hadn't done anything on New Years in like almost 10 years because I was always working past midnight - I would end up going home and watching the Three Stooges and passing out sober! So it was nice to get tanked for once!


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