Monday, January 11, 2010

8 is Great?!


Finally set in stone, the 8th and final film has been announced for the 4th annual After Dark Films Horrorfest 8 Films to Die For line-up. Written by Kelly Palmer and directed by Chris Moore, Kill Theory is about a group of seven college friends that celebrate their upcoming graduation at a secluded vacation home. Things take an ugly turn when the group encounter a sadistic unknown madman who forces them to kill one another in order to survive. Whomever is left standing at 6 am the next morning, is the one that is allowed to walk away with his or her life.

Sounds interesting enough to me and Kill Theory seems to have elements of Saw and even a bit of Cabin Fever and Battle Royal in a way. All of the After Dark Films acquired for the upcoming festival (which begins January 29th) have a lot of promise and I have already heard positive things about Lake Mungo, which is one that I really wanted to check out even before reading a few solid reviews.   

Now that the movies are all in place, there is a tight little trailer for the festival and to be completely honest, it gets me pumped for this line-up and I have pretty high hopes for it. There have been some real gems in the previous three installments, but those gems were hidden in piles of mediocre-to-bad. I would love to see After Dark come out with a strong set of movies, if not for the fact that they are spotlighting independent horror cinema and giving films a chance that might not have gotten one any other way. And while I will more than likely not have any chance to see any of them ‘round these parts, at least I know there will be a DVD release soon enough. 

When a non-foreign language trailer for Kill Theory is available, I will be sure to post it, but for now, here is the trailer for the festival itself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the line-up’s potential and what you think looks good!


  1. That trailer is sick!! I haven't bothered with the last couple of After Dark fests but I'll definitely catch at least a couple of these movies in the theater.

  2. Right?! The trailer really did get me excited for the festival. All of the films really do look promising with a few that are more stand out than others. I'm just happy that they don't have anything like Butterfly Effect 3 on the docket this year!

  3. Ooh! I'm subliminally added to this post woohooo!
    After reviewing past movies it is very apparent how hit or miss these fests are. But since Lake Mungo has promise, I'm holding out for a hero.

  4. Wow, looks great. Stoked for this.

  5. Ugh, Plymoth Meeting? They never make these things easy to get to. Not all horror fans live in the woodsy 'burbs in their parents' basement! All of these films look sadistic and highly entertaining. If I can find a sucker to snap branches with to get to the theatre, I will check them out.

    As always, you're the go-to guy for super fun!

  6. Andre: You are subliminally added to every post in my book! You are watching a lot of the films and there are only a handful of good ones with a few decent ones here and there. I think, or better yet, hope that After Dark learned from fan feedback from the last fest that they need better quality shit.

    POT: A collage of horror imagery is always pleasing to the eyes! Hope the films are awesome!

    Ashlee: Thanks! I have no idea if any of them will be playing any where near me and if they are, it would probably be at least an hour and a half away! So I feel your pain...


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