Monday, January 11, 2010

It Ain’t Over Just Yet…

award2give And in recent blog award’s news, the love orgy going down in the blogosphere is still going strong and Chuck Norris Ate My Baby has once again been invited into the pile of sweat and warming oils. Brittney-Jade aka BJ-C aka Don’t spell my name Brittany, of the lovely and vaginal Day of the Woman has created her own award for the blogs she loves to love and CNAMB was one of the blogs she named! The award is the Fantastically Frightening award and CNAMB won for The blog that has the best headers ever created. While I have put up such classic headers as Baby-butt Pumpkin and Scary Santa killer, my usual header showing Chuck Norris post baby dinner was created by Dylan of Paracinema Magazine and …The Blog fame, so I must not take all the credit.

There aren’t any real rules for this award outside of being able to give it to whomever I deem Fantastically Frightening, so anyone that gets this award here today from me need not do anything with it unless they want to. If you would like to pass it on to a deserving blog, please, feel free…just make sure that you know it is from the bottom of my heart, which is located somewhere near my Bass Pro-Shop. I am going to give this award to a few (of the many) of my favorite blogs and ones that I do not think already received it…I hope.

Deadly Doll’s House of Horror Nonsense – Emily takes one for the team all too often and she will watch some seriously bottom of the barrel stuff, just to bring funny and fair reviews. She has such a unique voice and it shows in her writings. I just love this woman’s taste!       

I Like Horror Movies – Carl is the hardest working man in blog-business and he keeps things simple, fun, and there is always an abundance of awesome shit to check out at his site. He is the man.  

Behind the Couch - James is one of the best writers on the block and he brings so much to his reviews that he can almost make a movie better than it is through his descriptions. Just read his review of H2…fantastic.

Dear Bastards - King Mob puts out an interesting  and fun blog that is one part daily diary and two part’s movie and TV talk. He always has great stories that we can all relate to in a million different ways.    

The Lightening Bug’s Layer - T.L. Bugg is just the king of it all…he reviews a multitude of genres covering all things cult and B-Movie and his knowledge is limitless. Any man that shows as much love to the great Klaus Kinski as he has, is more than okay in my book. 

Assorted Loaf – Pickleloaf is a fresh voice in the blogging world and his theme months are very informative, insightful, and I can only imagine how much work they must be. To top it off, the dude is funny as shit and his always great screen captures he has for his reviews can cause me to make a little pee pee.  

So there are my picks this time around…all of you winners are now proud owners of the chick with the great knockers and the luckiest Skelton hands ever( Actually, those hands looks very familiar? Skele-tone?)! So do what you see fit with it, just know that you all are the wind beneath my wings. Thanks to BJ-C for the love! 

I also want to thank Rachel of Rach’s Media Opinions and Venom5 of Cool Ass Cinema for both being kind enough to pass on the Kreativ Blogger award to CNAMB. Check out both their blogs and tell them that Matt sent ya…for their babies!


  1. Oh poodle, thanks so much for the award, but as Cthulhu is my witness I honestly don't know enough bloggers socially to actually have anyone to pass it on to. Please don't hate me.

  2. Don't worry about it! I don't care if you give it out, I just wanted to hive it to you for your need to do the same!

  3. Matt, Matt, Matt. With these awards you are really spoiling us! Thanks so much dude - I'm truly touched (and not inappropriately either!) by your kind words. You are, as we say here on these green, post-conflict-society shores, a gentleman and a scholar.

  4. Kisses. Huggies, peanut buttery thanks and good will.

  5. You are both very welcome and I am done with awards until the Oscars!

  6. Ive said it once and Ill say it again, you can eat my babies any day Matt! Thanks for the additional praise, if I have gotten you to check out one film you might not have heard of I have achieved my goals! Thanks again man!


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