Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Horror Hangover

hangover1 (2)Wake up you sleepy heads…you can’t sleep all day because if you do, you will miss all the goodies than are in store for you today. You don’t have to get out of bed, up off the couch, or anything crazy like that - you can stay right where you are to enjoy today's events, because  it’s time for The Horror Hangover! I got a great one for you today with a couple of very solid films that should make your cloudy day just a tad brighter. So go take your first of many draught beer dumps, get a couple glasses of water for rehydration, shut your ringer off, and cozy up while I give you the gift of guidance through this painful Hangover.

Starting off with a Monday to Friday bang, at 10:30 Snakes on a Plane (2006) is on FX. Not a great movie, but it is fun as all hell, not that all hell is fun I assume, but that’s not the point. Snakes is entertaining for what it is and it is a film that played very well in theaters with an audience of appreciative horror dorks. How will the film translate to cable? Just click on the monkey fighting clip below and that question will be answered.   

At Noon, SyFy shows up very strong with The Crow (1994). Love The Crow and have very little to say about it besides it is a great way to spend an afternoon holding back vomit and trying to remember that girl or guy’s name that probably gave you gonorrhea from the night before.   

At 3:00, you better be ready to protect ‘cause Kickboxer (1989) is playing on ION! I haven’t seen Kickboxer in a hundred years (which is odd since it came out in the 80’s), but I used to watch that and Bloodsport all the time when I was wee. Bloodsport always plays on cable (like ALWAYS!), but Kickboxer…not so much, which is too bad, ‘cause it’s awesome. Watching this great trailer brought back a flood of memories from the movie with some of the best fight training sequences eva! Love drunk Van Damme doing some Van Dammage to the dance floor when he gets cocked, then tricked into fighting those thugs! Pick of the week!

If Van Damme doesn’t tickle your pickle, also playing at 3:00 is Pitch Black (2000) on AMC. I think I am not alone in saying that Pitch Black is a very solid horror/action/sci fi film and makes for another very great choice during today's Hangover. Though, it’s no The Pacifier, but what exactly is? 

And if Pitch Black ain’t yo thang, then 3:00 gives you yet another choice with Saw (2004) on SyFy. Not the biggest fan at all, but it is something I could probably sit through as the drool count lowers late in the afternoon during a hardcore Hangover. Cary Elwes’ acting certainly fits in perfectly with the standard SyFy movie fare at least.

Okay chalupa’s…I’m outta here like Doug. Hope you have a great Sunday free from any new burning sensations!


  1. I think a "hella" is in order for The Crow!! Been too long since Ive seen it, Crow > all.

  2. I haven't seen it in a long time either, but it is a great film and one of the best comic book movies made at its time. Now I want to watch it again too!

  3. Tung Po, Tung Po, Tung Po!

    I like how his brother didn't have an accent and they made no attempt to hid JCVD's.

  4. Ha ha...I never even thought of that! His brother is soooo American and JCVD is soooo not! Maybe they're like the brothers from Gleaming the Cube?!

  5. Matt, I don't mind watching, but uh, well, Lindsey passed out on the sofa again, and I think she might be sitting on the remote, can I get some help here - oh and were running low on chips. Thanks.

  6. TBS loves playing Bloodsport over and over again. It's like the Van Damme channel.

  7. Pax: Just dangle a career gone bad in front of her nose and she'll wake right up! Grab that remote quick, before she goes nap nap again!

    Jaded: Bloodsport plays on Versus like every single day too! I can't complain about it being on TV all the time, I love it, but I do wish Kickboxer played more often too.

  8. I missed The Crow? :( That's one I haven't seen in a hundred years. Amazingly sad to think of where Brandon Lee could've gone.

    For laughs: "I'm tired of these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane!"

  9. I know, he was such a talent and The Crow certainly could've led to huge and great things. Too bad.

    And that is no "Monday to Friday" way to speak, Ashlee!


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