Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Horror Hangover


Got a very mixed and slightly small bag of films for The Horror Hangover this week, but there is some shit worth checking out depending on your taste. First I’ll mention that The Matrix films will be on AMC starting only an hour after you went to bed last night aka 8:00 AM. It will be a marathon of Matrix, so you can leave it on all day long and as you sober up, the quality of the films shall slowly disintegrate!

On a much better note, BBC has a Hitchcock marathon that will span the entire day, starting with Vertigo at 9:00, then Psycho at 12:00, and  Rear Window at 2:30. Then it will loop right back around and start all over again. I don’t get BBC on my cable, but if you have the power, spending a day with Hitchcock is not a bad day to be spent at all. I’ll give this my marathon pick of the week!

In non-marathon Hangover news, at 11:00 Breakdown (1997) is playing on USA. I haven’t seen Breakdown in a long time, but I have decent memories of it. It’s a thriller style road movie, with trucks, and Kurt Russell, so you really can’t go wrong. Only thing better would be a thriller style road movie, with trucks, and Pat Swayze, but that isn’t the case. Still, Breakdown gets my solo movie pick of the week! 


At 12:00, you might want to “Get Down!” when Eraser (1996) is on A&E. It’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, so I have to mention it, as I have a deep love for the greatest action hero of all time. I actually saw this movie in the theaters, but barely remember it outside of Vanessa Williams and I think there was a cool futuristic gun used in it at one point, but that could be another movie for all I know.


Lastly, at 12:15 The Amityville Horror (2005) meh-make is showing on TNT. Movie is pretty wiggity-whack with a few good moments, but the whole “catch ‘em and kill ‘em” thing was one of the lamest hooks a horror film has ever had. The scene with the hot babysitter (I think she was hot?) was pretty cool from what I remember, but there is very little for me to recommend about this pile of pooh. Ryan Reynolds’ beard is very proper though…but as powerful as James Brolin’s? I smell celebrity death match!


That's all folks…not a lot, but there are some movies worth checking out. Hopefully I have lead you down the path of cable horror ‘n such, and you won’t feel so alone as you wonder why you slept with that nasty dude/dudette last night!


  1. Is Eraser the one about cloning or was that another Schwartzenheimer film? They start to blur together after True Lies.

  2. The Sixth Day is the cloning movie. Eraser is the other one. Neither are worth remembering, but Arnie's always good for a day on the couch. Heh.

    Seriously, though. Eraser on A&E?

  3. POT: Yeah, as The Divemistress said, it's The Sixth of the shittier/later Arnold movies I haven't seen in theaters! They do blur together after a while, except for Collateral Damage! I'll show you Collateral Damage!

    TD: Ha...nothing says art like the later catalog of Arnold films! Guess that's where the entertainment comes in, 'cause Arnold is always entertaining, even in crappy movies!

  4. Breakdown is a seriously underrated movie. In this movie, Kurt Russell actually acts!

  5. I haven't seen the movie in years, but I remember liking it enough. I pretty much love anything that Russell does, even Overboard!

  6. I missed a Kurt Russel movie? Impossible!

    Confession time: I've never seen The Matrix... any of them!

  7. You should check out the first film...the sequels are better left to gather dust as they kinda hurt how awesome the first film is.


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