Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Totally Tubular Trailers


It seems like interesting trailers are hard to come by lately, however, there have been a few very recently that would warrant a viewing for good and/or bad reasons.

First up is the trailer for Dead Rising? Something that I had not even known about and apparently, neither did anyone else. Dead Rising is based off the game of the same title, which is a sort of homage to Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, in that it was a zombie game set in a mall. From the looks of it, this has very little in common in the game, which makes it all the more pointless, and I see not one shot from inside a mall in this entire trailer?! However, they do a great job of recreating the storage room’s from the game to a tee. I like wild and crazy Japanese movies enough, but this looks a bit meh for even me.

On a much more promising note, here is the trailer for The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu. Lovecraft is sacred and a major influence in horror, sometimes done well, sometimes not so much, but this is an interesting take seeing as it is a comedy set in the world of Fish Gods. I pretty much love all thing’s Lovecraft and I think this could be a fun breath of fresh air. There are a few funny moments in this trailer, but it also looks like it could be overly self referential too. Something that is not often a good thing.

One of the best of the trailers I have here for you today, comes in the form of yet another zombie film! The Dead simply looks awesome and is the type of zombie film not seen in quite some time with its African setting and great looking practical gore FX. The trailer speaks for itself.

Speaking of movie types we haven’t seen in a long time, thanks to 24Framespersecond, I learned about The Dark Lurking, which looks to get back to the old school 80’s Horror/Sci Fi/Action hybrids without the polished turd feel of films that we see nowadays. Like Doom, for example. It looks gory, expansive, gritty, and very low budget, but filled with ambition. And with a Game of Death styled plot, it could be very fun.

No, this isn’t a feature length film based off the Danzig song, instead, Mother is a Korean kind of thriller from director Joon-Ho Bong, who is best known for the giant monster movie, The Host. I’ve heard pretty good things about this one and with the directors previous work, I am certainly interested in checking it out. Actually, I think I may have posted the Korean trailer for this one in an old Totally Tubular Trailers, but this is the official U.S. trailer, therefore the reason for posting it here and now.

Some great trailers and I look forward to at least four of these movies…how about you?


  1. Dark Lurking looks like the type of flick I would've snuck out to watch as a kid. A competant babysitter may have been cheaper, but not as fun...

  2. Totally! It just makes me think of something I would see when i was young...just something about how it looks and the SPFX too. Can't wait, though if it sucked, I wouldn't be surprised!

  3. I'm sold on The Dead. It's definately something I've never seen before in regards to setting so I wonder how it'll play itself out.

  4. It's tough to tell if it will be actually good or not, but boy does it look promising! I love that setting so much and I hope it can deliver a mixture of classic Zombie gore and something poignant. We'll see!

  5. The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu looks okay but dang nab it I want a proper Cthulhu movie. I love Lovecrafts writing and thought by now there would of been heaps of good movies. Instead we have Re-animator series and In The Mouth Of Madness (the best non-Cthulhu Cthulhu movie) everything else has been meh. Bring on Del Toro's Mountains of Madness.

  6. I agree with everything you say...especially the Del Toro comment! There is that movie Altitude that looks promising, but there should be a ton more. I do love Dagon, budgetary restraints and all.

  7. The dead looks like it could be promising though I am not a fan of the pacing of more contemporary zombie films. The return to a third world setting (virus/zombi 2/zombie 3) is a welcome one,

  8. That's the same vibe I got from it too with the how the gore looks to be handled and location too. And while I myself enjoy contemporary Zombie films, it would be very welcome for a slow moving, marauding flesh eater film. Hope it delivers!


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