Monday, January 25, 2010

CNAMB Presents: Monster of the Week!

In the short history of the Monster of the Week segment, there have been some great creatures, but this week’s pick is a true king in the vast jungle of Monsters, Mutants, and Madmen. Additionally, this pick would also be having a very long overdue, and very much anticipated return to the big screen without having to share any of the glory. With hair right out of the Caribbean, an arsenal of weapons that would make Kraven drool, and blood that would pique the interest of Herbert West, this weeks Monster of the Week goes to…

The Predator!


Originally appearing in John McTiernan’s 1987 classic action film, Predator, the Predator has appeared in a 1990 sequel, two Alien vs. Predator movies, and numerous comic books, video games, and one of the best fan film’s ever made. Created by Jim and John Thomas, and designed by the late great Stan Winston, the Predator was played by the late Kevin Peter Hall in first two films and then Ian Whyte in the Alien vs. Predator movies.

While the AVP films are not up to par, the original Predator is one of the best, and manliest action movies ever made, along with being one of my favorite Schwarzenegger films. Even the sequel, while being very flawed, is quite enjoyable and I love the urban jungle that this sport trophy hunter was placed in. To say that I am excited about a new Predator film would be a major understatement, and it’s about time that this Monster got it’s own movie again after nearly 20 years. One of the most original, intimidating, and just flat out cool creatures ever put to screen, this ugly mother fucker is the definition of classic Monster and a solid addition to the Monster of the Week.


  1. Excellent choice. I have, in fact, always preferred Predators over Aliens.

  2. Run! Get to the choppa!

  3. Well deserved award for the dread-locked hunter! I really hope Predators come out this year!

  4. J.: I love them both almost equally, but both have suffered most when coming together, which is extremely unfortunate. Seriously, how do you fuck up Aliens vs. Predators?

    POT: Man, I miss Arnold the actor more than anything else! GET DOWN-UH!

    Geof: Me too! I have some real high hopes for it and I can't believe it's actually gonna happen!

  5. Love the Predator and always liked the noble hunter philosophy that was expanded on in the novels and comics. In fact new AVP comic out called Three World War. It introduces and interesting idea about honor being the religion of Predators and what would happen if some broke free from that religion. Anyway i've rambled enough. Awesome work.

  6. Saw Predator 2 the other day. When the Predator gives him the 1700s gun for hunting down his fellow man, I gotta say, it was too freakin weird yet awesome.

  7. ratof13: Thanks a lot! That noble aspect of Predators has always been slightly alluded to, but it being a sort of religion is interesting and makes sense. They're almost like samurai in a way, even with the suicidal element. I don't think the Predators have much else to do but hunt, so that is their way of life. Thanks for the comment!

    Jaded: That whole ending tells you so much in such a simplistic, yet really cool way. The gun showing that they have been doing this for a long ass time, and then the alien skulls that you see in the background showing it isn't just Earth that makes for good hunting!

  8. Its like every week you post the best monster, then somehow you post the best monster the next week! The Predator is the ultimate badass, all he ever wants to do is rock people's faces and then look badass, sometimes in reverse order. Good call Matt!

  9. Ha ha, thanks Carl! It does seem that every monster is better than the last, but Predator is a top dog in the game of Monsters for sure!

  10. Trivia: Kevin Peter Hall was married to the recently deceased Alaina Reed of early Sesame Street fame and later 227 (with Marla Gibbs and Regina King). There. Now you can even beat your black friends in black (oriented) pop culture trivia!!!

    You're welcome.

    The Predator brings out the boy in tomboy in me! No war could bring camouflage sexy back like the Predator!

    The first easily one of my favorite films and I dug AvP!

  11. Thanks for the knowledge! I used to watch 227 when I was a kid! I (kinda) remember the old lady hanging out the window all the time!

    while I think it isn't very good, I enjoy AVP for the cheese of it all and just the pure fact that the Predator made that girl a warrior is beyond awesome, in a very silly and fun way!


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