Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trees Have Feelings Too

Sorry folks, but no Horror Hangover for this week. With the holiday season flooding the television market with Christmas movies that are the equivalent of SyFy channel films, there is so little worth mentioning on TV this Sunday. However, I should bring up that Chan-wook Park's 2006 film, I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK is playing at 3:30 on the Sundance Channel. It's not nearly as good as his other films and it's a little overly long, but I like the movie in all its quirkiness and it's certainly worth a viewing.

So to make up for the lack of horror happenings this weekend, I will post the short film, Treevenge! This Jason Eisener directed short has been around for a little while now, so some of you may have already seen it, but if not, then definitely check it out. It's not too long (about 16 minutes), it's a lot of fun, and it is a great way to learn the importance of artificial trees, while showing us that there are much worse things than having to vacuum up pine needles.

Talk about a case of something's "bark" being worse than its bite, and I wonder...if Tarantino directed this, would there be a shot from inside of a "trunk?!"

Hopefully next week will give us a better showing in terms of genre movies, if not, then I will be forced to talk about shit like The Santa Clause or A Boyfriend for Christmas...and I'll do it!


  1. Ah yes, horror bloggers shall make "Treevenge" the new "Charlie Brown Christmas."

    "It's not such a bad little tree. It just needs a little love..."

  2. Love this. And the inclusion of the Zombie Holocaust soundtrack. Brilliance!

  3. Senski: Save a tree, kill a human?!

    It's a great little short and I think you're right, it'll appear on at least 50 horror blogs a year! It's the new "Thanksgiving!"

    POT: Dude...good call on the Zombie Holocaust music! I've been meaning to review that for months...I haven't seen it since it was Dr. Butcher!

  4. We all love Treevenge. I saw it during an online film festival. B-Side Entertainment or something.

    Perfectly #3 on my Top 10 Holiday Characters that could be turned into unstoppable killing machines.

  5. I have never seen this until now and I love it! I just had a Christmas tree excursion, so I find this really, really funny. Thanks for posting. Instant horror-Christmas classic!

  6. Jaded: Nice...a link to that Mrs Claus photo! Love it!

    I remember seeing the trailer and I was instantly in love. I didn't even know it was going to be a short film, I thought it was just a fan trailer. Maybe they'll make a feature length version if it's popular enough!

    Geof: Awesome! I'm happy that someone that hadn't seen it got too. It's a good thing you watched this after your tree hunt...make sure you watch your back tonight!

  7. It is very awesome...they should make a sequel where an elite military squad is sent in to take out the killer trees. Their weapon....chainsaws!


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