Monday, December 7, 2009

Drag Me to Paracinema!

With the post and movie title, I think you get the gist of where this post is going, well, more like I think you know where YOU are going...and that's to check out my review of Drag Me to Hell over at Paracinema! Well, you don't have to if you don't want to, but I would probably shed an Indian tear as you toss my heart to the ground like useless liter. Just saying.

Some quick housekeeping first, Shock Till You Drop just posted their Shock's Top 25 Horror Films of the Decade and it's a pretty interesting list of the best horror films of the decade. It's a very solid line up of the decades finest, with only a few movies that could be dropped and swapped for me. Off the top of my head, I would liked to have seen Audition or Martyrs on this list and I could do without Hannibal and I would also rather see Haute Tension over Aja's The Hills Have Eyes too. While Haute Tension has a faulty ending, it is a fantastic Slasher film and one of the most tense horror movies of the decade, and while Hills was decent, it just wasn't as good in my opinion.

Still, that is my opinion and that's what opinions are for, to be your own. I was very happy to see films like May, Ginger Snaps, and The Devils Backbone make the cut as I think those are great horror movies, but I'm a little surprised that Session 9 is on there. Not a perfect movie, but for anyone that has seen it, you know that film may have one of the best locations of any horror flick of this decade with the Danvers state mental asylum in Massachusetts. Represent! A solid list from some very knowledgeable horror fans, one of whom is a good friend to CNAMB, so head over there and see how the list stacks up to your own.

Lastly, the wonderful people behind All Things Horror have a new weekly segment titled The Sunday Morning DIE-gest,where they spotlight a few of their favorite horror blogs each week. To my surprise, they were kind enough to mention CNAMB, so head over there and see what fun horror shenanigans they are up to and check out what they had to say about the crud posted on here.

Okay, now you are free to go to Paracinema and check out my late to the party review of Sam Raimi's most recent foray into horror, Drag Me to Hell. Hope you enjoy!


  1. No Martyrs OR Audition? Epic list failure.

  2. Like it or not, Martyrs is one of the most impact full films of the decade, maybe of all time, so I was saddened not to see it on there.

    And Audition is phenomenal and one the most indirect horror films I have ever seen. Talk about waiving a hand in front of your face for 45 minutes and then sucker punching you with the other one!

    They still put together a great list though and there is always shit that is left off of these, thus the fun of them in a sense. Gives people something to bitch about!

  3. Yo Matt, thanks for the link! As for the lack of Martyrs or Audition on our list, as a 1999 movie, Audition falls outside the decade. Otherwise it certainly would've been on. I haven't seen Martyrs myself yet but while it was mentioned for the group to consider, it never gained much support. As a group list there's a necessary element of compromise but I'm happy that films that are often in danger of being overlooked, like Session 9 or May were given some love.

    Great review of Drag Me To Hell, by the way - glad you liked it!

  4. Ah, good call. I thought Audition was 2000. And as you so well put it Jeff, inherently, there is always challenges with putting a list together. I'm curious as to why Martyrs didn't garner that much support. As Matt mentioned, it was definitely impactful. One of the few times that I've ever watched a horror film that made me think for days.

  5. Jeff: You're right! I was going by the US and Japanese release dates. I take liberties when it comes to my own lists, so, whatever!

    It was still a great list and never will everybody be happy by someone else's taste, thus the jerk-offs saying that "The Ring suked doode,the worst remake eva,teh original is so much betta!lol!" Shit makes me just wanna fire off on those idiots, but it's not worth it, even though it can be fun!

    And I did love DMtH and thanks for the compliment! It's definitely gonna be a fun re watch I imagine.

    POT: I think people were to afraid to embrace the harshness of it and take it for what it's worth. So many were turned off by the tonal and violent change in the third act and just brush it off as torture porn, but it is so much more than that. Fucking love that movie!

  6. Just read the CNAMB shout out on All Things Horror - Nice One!
    Cheers for mentioning the Shock til You Drop Horror chart of the decade - I will head over yonder now to check it out.

  7. It's a great list and gets you thinking as to what movies you have loved over the past decade. It's so easy to forget movies over a ten year span. Thanks for the kind words and you are always welcome, James!

  8. You put out a list like that, your just opening yourself to get the horrorverse angry.

    But I can't argue about The Descent being #1.

    But no Hatchet? Behind the Mask?

  9. I loved The Descent, but liked Dog Soldiers better. However, I have a wicked soft spot for Werewolf movies. I certainly have no problem with it being number one though, but I think the most thought provoking movie on the list is Let the Right One In and that would be my personal numero uno.

    I did really enjoy Behind the Mask, but not enough to put it on a list myself and I only thought Hatchet was okay. I can't wait for the sequel though and Green's other new horror film, Frozen sounds awesome!


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