Saturday, December 26, 2009

CNAMB Presents: Presents!

What a witty title, eh? Christmas is now officially past us and I wanted to share some of the awesome presents I received this holiday season with all of you. Because I know you are just clamoring to find out what I got, aren't you?! Lady Suzaka and myself kept it tight this year, cause money is not exactly in abundance, but I think I still made out quite well with some cool gifts this Christmas. First off, I got some awesome shit from a secret Santa, but I am not sure if there is secret Santa etiquette or not, so I think I'll keep that to myself just in case...but I will say, Viva Indonesia!

Okay, starting from least to most movie related, the best gift I got this year was a subscription to Game Fly. There was a time when I played a good amount of games, but at that time I could afford them, now they are too damned expensive and I cannot see myself paying $60 for a game. So Game Fly is perfect because now I can play Barbie's Horse Adventure: Wild Horse Rescue for as long as I want, then when I tire of it, I can send it right back for something else! Dope!

If there is one thing I love, it is Superman and with that comes love for Smallville, in which I got season seven on DVD. I had fallen slightly behind on the show and I cannot wait to catch back up again! For my next present, not too long ago I did a review for Pontypool the film and I LOVED it! I also expressed how much I wanted to check out the book and now I can, because I got that too! Whoo-ooot! Wake up bitches, it's Christmas!

Getting to the actual movies that I got this year, there were two and the two I got were two I really wanted. One is a film titled The Great Silence, which I actually watched at the beginning of Death-cember and I even wrote a review for it and everything, but I pushed it back so I could review all the Christmas horror films before the holiday was over look for that soon enough. It is a Spaghetti Western directed by Sergio Corbucci and you can probably guess I liked it if I got it for Christmas.

The last gift I received ties in with CNAMB in a kinda cool way as the very first post I ever did at this horrendous blog was for the infamous "We'll keep an eye out for ya, Stingray - Yeah, see ya!" clip from the Godfrey Ho (or Godfrey Hall) directed Undefeatable staring the uber sick Cynthia Rothrock. I have been dying to see this film since I posted that first blog and I'm pumped to sit down and finally check it out. I also got a $30 gift card to Amazon, which I can very easily turn into at least 4 or 5 movies with my tight shopping skillz.

There you have it, what I got for Christmas...captivating read, right?! Now it's your turn - what did you get for Christmas this year (and if you don't celebrate, you can make something up)? Any good movies or possibly something even better perhaps? I would love to hear!


  1. Not much. Some Under Armour to keep me warm while disc this winter and Under The Dome by Uncle Steve, which i've already read too much to fast. Must savor. Not alot, but it was everything I asked for, so WIN!

  2. Nice! As long as you got shit you wanted, then it is a solid Christmas in my book. I already watched both of my movies and I'll start reading the Pontypool book soon enough.

  3. Can't wait to hear what you think of Pontypool!

  4. I can't wait to read it! After you told me a little more about it, I am very curious as to how the book is going to be.

  5. About all I asked for was movies, so I got a pretty hefty stack of 'em waiting for me. Probably the most anticipated of the bunch was a 3-disc collection of the Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion films. I've only ever seen the first one and absolutely loved it, so I'm psyched I can watch the whole series now.

    Also snagged the Criterion release of Fiend Without a Face and Escape 2000 [aka: Turkey Shoot] and another half-dozen insanely cool releases.

    [Can't wait to see what you have to say about The Great Silence, btw. It wasn't my first Corbucci western, but it's definitely my favorite.]

  6. That's a great haul for sure and I have the Female Prisoner #701 set Meiko Kaji!

    I'll put up the review in the next couple of days more than likely and the first Corbucci I saw was Django, which is one that I quite love.

    Even though it sounds like it based off the great DVDs you received, I hope you had a great holiday too and thanks for sharing!

  7. I got as good haul of movies myself.
    I got the William Castle collection, The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Complete Thin Man, The Steve McQueen Collection, Sergio Martino's Torso, Tinto Brass' Deadly Sweet, THe Vigilante Western Collection (The highlight being The Legend of Shanghai Joe), and William Burroughs' Commissioner of Sewers.

    Also scored the CD's The Best of Goblin, Beretta 70: Music of Italian Crime Films, and Cinetta de Beat: Music From Italian Erotic films.

    My most anticipated gift was a book all about giallo films called La Dolce Morte.

    I also got some kick ass ties because the Bugg likes to be dapper while watching films. Hmm, maybe I've had too much Nog I just referred to myself in third person.

    I am extremely jealous of your copy of Undefeatable. I've never seen that Rothrock film. Lately I've been hunting for a copy of China O'Brian. Also can't wait to see what you think of The Great Silence (although I have some idea). You know my love for Klaus, and it's a personal fave of mine.

  8. Wow, you did really well for yourself! You got a lot of shit I myself would not mind having at all, though Jodorowsky is a filmmaker I have not yet tackled, but one day I will get to his notorious filmography.

    I loved China O'Brien when I was a kid and I have always had an incredible love for the Rothrock, so Undefeatable was quite the score for me. I also really wanted to get Lady Dragon, but that shit is out of print and around $40 on Amazon. Sucks, but Undefeatable is more than fulfilling.

    Happy to hear you had a great Christmas haul and I hope you had a great holiday too. Now, can I borrow something?!

  9. Sure, Matt. Come on over and get what you want! It's just a hop, skip and a jump over to south carolina.

  10. Very practical ish on your end. Amazon gift cards had to have been what people gave to their gods in the ruins as peace offerings or something because they are the modern day tidings of good cheer and all that cheery'o! Got a 50 dollar one from work! I am not ashamed to say I used it to pre-order Glee and my new favorite movie Trick 'r Treat! Damn that movie waz goood...

    Got other cool stuff too. Kinda peeved I got this I Love The 80's boardgame but you need at least 4 people to play it with! I don't even think I know four people cool enough to play!!!

  11. I'll play with you! I love the 80's and I would be a formidable opponent in such a game!

    Amazon gift cards are the second coming of awesome and I will buy used DVDs sometimes and save a shit load of money. You have to pay shipping, but a few shipping dollars for a $3 or $4 DVD is not much, and I can really stretch a buck on Amazon!

  12. Dude we should totally link up and play Barbie Horse Adventure online. I'll send you my user ID. LOL!

  13. Ha ha! Dude, I got that Clydesdale and shit! We could play some co-op and rip some horse riding action up!


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