Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Begining to Look A Lot Like Kwanzaa...

It is officially December and as you can tell from my inspired banner, it's time to start the Christmas celebration! First off, much like Chucktober, I decided to rename the month of December to fit my own personal liking. I have been going back and forth between calling it "Dismember" or "Death-cember" and in the end, I liked Death-cember a little better. So from now on, the month of December will forever be known as Death-cember (let's see how many times I fuck up the spelling...) here at CNAMB! If anyone would like to use Dismember for their own blog, then please send me a money order for $50 and a box of crayons, and it's all yours!

There are 10,926 horror blogs out there and at least 90% of them will be doing a Christmas Horror themed month, I am assuming. This causes me great grief knowing that so many others will be doing the same thing and there isn't that much to choose from to stay different (though I look forward to what others do). I'll think of something, hopefully, but I will definitely be covering a few Holiday Horror films throughout the month and along with those, I will cover a couple of films that are set in winter. Winter means snow and snow means my favorite movie aesthetic. Period. I LOVE snow in my movies and that could partially explain why I kinda love awful Hallmark Christmas films. Or it could be that I am a huge pansy, but whatever.

Another thing that kinda bums me out is something that came up in the comments section of a recent post about the eventual over saturation of holiday Horror blogging. Bee Ef Ef Emily, from The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense, brought up that she wished there were some Hanukkah (spell check?!) Horror films out there to cover and sadly, there really aren't any at all. I celebrate Christmas, because I believe in commercialism and I easily fall victim to pretty colors and sparkly fun things, but I feel it only fair to be able to cover some of the other holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. I don't even know if I have any readers that celebrate those holidays, but in the chance that I do, why should they be excluded from the holiday fun?!

Oh well...maybe someone will see there is a couple of holidays the need to be exploited and make some great Hanukkah/Kwanzaa sleaze in the future. I can only hope so at least. I do look forward to this month of Death-cember and I will begin by leaving you with this fun and very nostalgic clip to start off the holiday hoedown!


  1. the pictures in this post make me absurdly happy

  2. ha ha...they are quite awesome! The flexed butt is pure magic!

  3. That first picture makes me sweat!

  4. That man should be hunting sharks...using his meat as bait!

  5. By the way, is it true they made a film version of The Christmas Shoes? I want to give someone cancer every time I hear that song, but I imagine a Hallmark adaptation would be a weird form of wonderful.

  6. Heh...here comes something sad. They did make The Christmas Shoes movie and I need not look it up, because I have seen portions of it on TV! Rob Lowe is in it and just for you...here's the trailer!

    Kid's wearing a Sox hat, so how bad can it be?!

  7. Please review it. I need to know how Golden Globe Nominee Rob Lowe does in a movie that, according the to L.A. Times, "Finds humor in an emotional story."

    Also, as much as I love making fun of that song, I'm kind of afraid to watch it myself. "It hits you where you live" sounds more like a warning than an endorsement.


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