Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow Angels sure is getting cold outside, but there is not yet a flake of snow to be seen in my neck of the woods, which is somewhat unfortunate. I love when it snows and being from Massachusetts, I have seen more than my fair share. I really only hate snow when it starts melting and gets all slushy and gross - otherwise, I love the look of it as it coats my surroundings in purity and solitude.

To help quench my thirst for the white stuff, I busted out a few of my favorite revenge based fight scenes that take place in the snow, with some women hot enough to melt their respective fighting surfaces.

A movie that everyone should see if you are a fan of Asian cinema and Martial Arts (or even if you're not), Lady Snowblood is amazing and has more style and originality than 90% of films made today. The film's star, Meiko Kaji is one of the most beautiful Japanese actresses to have ever graced the screen.

Lady Snowblood: Vengeance is A Dish Best Served Cold

Rarely (and surprisingly) do I use the NSFW tag, but it is necessary with this next clip for the pinky violence classic, Sex and Fury. I should warn you that you will have to watch this video a few times; it will take you at least one viewing to get over the fact that the "Snow Angel" in this clip, Reiko Ike is completely nude while she jacks these dudes up. Once you get over that, there is some awesome stuff to be seen here. The music is so great, as well as the way it's shot, in particular when you only see her legs, her shadow, and limbs hitting the ground.

Sex and Fury: Nude With A 'Tude - or - I think Your Headlights Are On

As you saw with the previous clips, Kill Bill was inspired heavily by both films and this "chilling" scene in particular by Sex and Fury's backdrop and look. I couldn't have the other two clips and leave this one out, because it truly is a goose bump inducing snow set fight scene and one of my favorites.

Kill Bill Volume 1: That Really Was A Hattori Hanzo Sword


  1. good stuff. i've had sex and fury around for quite awhile but it gets lost in my crazy mountain shuffle of unwatched sadness

  2. Thanks, Loaf! I would say check out Sex and Fury, that is the best scene in the film, but it's a very solid Japanese exploitation film and a ton of fun. Don't let the mountain own you!

  3. I haven't seen Sex and Fury but I swear by Lady Snowblood for the rest of my life.

  4. Sex and Fury is great, but not in the same ballpark as Lady Snowblood. Lady Snowblood is a fantastic film that so many more people should see!

  5. I've seen neither of these films, there's just not enough hours in the day man!

  6. Ha ha...I hear ya! Seems like I'm constantly saying "I can't believe I haven't seen *blank* or *blank* yet?!" But there is just so much to watch, and that list is ever growing...we shall not be defeated!

  7. Lady Snowblood is stunning and the second clip Sex and Fury is fabulous! Great tatoos!

  8. I'm happy you liked those, Ms Harker! While I may think there is nothing hotter than a girl with some cool tattoos and a katana, I would be completely afraid that I'd say something to tick her off and force her to make mince meat outta me!


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