Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freddy VS. Jason 2?

Well, not quite. I did find this incredibly odd video recently and thought that you all would get a kick out of it. It's all in Spanish, but there are subs for anyone with the power of understanding. Whatever, just watch this thing...

Right?! So weird! Like I said, it's Spanish, but they refrained from swearing, so I didn't hear any familiar words. If anyone knows what the hell these dudes are saying, please, enlighten me...I can only imagine so much ya know.

With the off lip syncing, I thought I was watching a Giallo for a moment and I do Love Freddy's gold glove with exposed thumb. Also, why is Jason only wearing one glove? Or a glove at all? And why are his sleeves ripped off? Is this an alternate Jason that Freddy met at the bar from Freddy's Revenge? These are burning questions and I need some answers, now! The beat is pretty dope though.


  1. Matt, you continue to outdo yourself.

    Love the fact that Jason is using his machete to chime the triangle. The triangle. Yes, Jason is playing the triangle. With his machete.


    As far as the one glove, I'd be tempted to say Freddy doesn't want to poke a hole in his tambourine, but he's already banging it with his fingernails so I actually have no idea.

    More importantly, it's great that Chucky has such a strong resemblance to the mean demon kid in the second Care Bears movie.

  2. Hey, I didn't know Jason was pumping iron for the Mr. Universe title! And wouldn't he be disqualified for killing all the other competitors?

    They didn't work for Nintendo and they surely don't work for 'toons...

    Lo siento, amigo. My Spanish speaking co-worker is currently not in the officina.

  3. Emily: Thanks! I think I blocked out the fact that he was playing the triangle because of Freddy's wicked singing voice! Jason has absolutely no rhythm whatsoever!

    I did notice that Chucky is made to walk all dainty - it looks like he is walking on his tippy toes! Such a weird video!

    Ashlee: I know! Dude is jacked up! The only Spanish I know is all bad words and that is about it. I tried to learn Spanish from a podcast one time and failed miserably!

  4. That is sexy insanity, but I think it might be in Portugese, it definitely doesnt look like proper Spanish. I made out about one word. Im basically speechless, Jason's voice is badass though, I wish I sounded like that.

  5. Hmmm...you could be right about the Portuguese thing, though I know a lot of Portuguese swear too, so that still doesn't help. I'm gonna have to call in an interpreter to help us out with this one!

    Jason's voice is quite impressive...very seductive even. It's like Michael Clark Duncan is singing that shit!


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