Thursday, December 3, 2009

CNAMB Presents: Holiday Monster of the Week!

Why not go a different route and make this months Monsters of the Week holiday themed? Some of the upcoming monsters might not be your typical antagonists that you would find in this segment, but they will be monsters in some capacity, therefor garnering them this prestigious honor.

Our first holiday monster is one that would certainly make it year round, but now would be the perfect time to show some love for this tiny terror. This weeks Monster of the Week is....


Created by Chris Columbus, Stripe made his big Hollywood debut in 1984 in Joe Dante's holiday classic, Gremlins. As the vicious leader of the rogue Mogwai, Stripe came about when dumb ass Billy accidentally spilt water all over his precious pet Mogwai, Gizmo. Voiced by Frank Welker, Stripe has appeared in numerous old school video games based off the Gremlins franchise and also was one of the baddies to some degree in Gremlins 2: The New Batch as Mohawk...a sort of off shoot of Stripe. I am a huge fan of both Gremlins films and it was only a matter of time before Stripe showed up as a Monster of the Week - what better time than during Death-cember?!

Instead of a trailer or a clip of Stripe in action, I will provide you with this fantastic fan made thingy. The Exorcist and Batman segments are so great!


  1. Stripe was the coolest, punk-rockin' bastard mogwai that the world has ever seen! Mohawk was a cheap knock-off...but a cheap knock-off is better than nothing.


  2. Yeah, Mohawk was not the same as Stripe. even the name Mohawk is trying to hard...the better Gremlins in The New Batch were the mutated ones, like the chick Gremlin. She was hawt!

  3. I have to backtrack and watch these films as an adult. I think I'll appreciate them more. Not that I didn't when I was a kid. I just remember feeling all homicidal whenever they were on my screen, tearin' shit up, makin' a mess... trying to figure out whose ass to kick first: David's or those ugly ass gremlins!

  4. You should revisit at least the first one this holiday season, would love seeing it as an adult!

    I have watched both films at least every few years and they both hold up extremely well, especially the first film. Great humor with a nice splash of horror and B-Movie, strangely equals an awesome family friendly Christmas horror film! And the second one is just flat out funny!


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