Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blinded by My Love for Paracinema!

Yay! It's time for a brand spankin' new review! While I am balls deep in winter set films and Christmas themed horror over here at CNAMB, I am balls deep in Pink over at Paracinema...The Blog! When I say Pink, I of course mean Pink Eiga! So the balls deep reference is more than fitting. The review of choice for this week is for a film titled Blind Love and comes to us from Daisuke Goto, a sort of well respected director in many ways, whether or not he makes many a soft-core porn film. Most notably would be a film I covered not too long ago called A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn.

Don't be turned off by the subject matter, or the nakedness of it all either - Goto is a wonderful filmmaker and one who deserves a little attention beyond looking at what type of films he does, instead, look at the actual films he makes. No doubt, these films are not for everyone, even as far as genre's go, but to use sleaze and sex in parallel with a tender and heartfelt story is strangely appealing. I'm not even a big fan of love stories or sleazy erotic cinema, for that matter, but mixed together makes for an interesting combination. Hope you all check out the review and to give you an idea of what Blind Love is all about, here is a NSFW trailer!

Now head over to Paracinema to read my review of Blind Love!

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